Snack Time!

I hope you have been enjoying the amazing weather we are having on the East Coast!  Today is another beautiful day (I can see it from my office window) and it reminds me how quickly camp is coming!  During the summer, one of my favorite afternoon snacks is to drink a Fresca, with a special straw…I actually use a Red Vine!  Red Vines are a much better version of the popular twizzler candy.  I know some people who don’t love the taste, but I think it’s a far superior candy, and it works really well as a straw!  When you drink it with the Fresca soda, it starts to melt and you get an extra burst of “fruitiness” with your drink!

I mentioned that this was one of my favorite snacks to Ilana and Alexis while I was giving them a tour of camp last summer, and they actually remembered!!  When I went to visit them this winter in NY, they gave me a parting gift with Red Vines and Fresca, and today was the perfect day to start enjoying them!  Thanks girls!

(Alexis and Ilana)

I’m excited to see you, and many more of our new campers at our New Camper Bowling Event this Sunday…it’s going to be so much fun!