So Much to Say!

Hello Canadensis…

So much to say, so I’m just going to get right to it!  First off, thanks to everyone that came out to our first and second rounds of Canteen on the Fly.  In two days, we hit New York City, West Chester, Northern New Jersey on Saturday and two locations in the Philadelphia suburbs on Sunday.  First off, what a turnout!  It was so good to see so many campers, parents and staff, all who are missing camp immensely!  It was good to see what so many campers are up to as well.

Here are a few tidbits from the Canteen on the Fly…

In NYC:  Upper Inter Boys Jones Pearlman and Derek Coval came from a sleepover get-together.  Jones has been busy with swimming, sports and skateboarding while Derek is playing tennis and basketball.  Upper Inter Boy Zach Sher told us that he was in the new State Farm Insurance commercial directed by Spike Lee!  Upper Inter Girl Gaby Hirsch told us she was auditioning for the the upcoming school musical School House Rock.  Freshman Boy Andy Grossman was headed to a soccer game, but will also be playing basketball and baseball later this year.

In West Chester County, NY:  Freshman Girl Brianna Havraniak has been active with lacrosse clinics.  In the spring, she will be playing full games.  Junior Girl Jordan Plant was telling new camper for Summer 2012 Zoe Gellert just how much fun they will have at Canadensis!  New campers Jordana Binday and Elizabeth Knox got to meet for the first time as they will both be Junior Girls in Summer 2012.

In Northern NJ:  Lower Inter Girl Stella Scheier and Lower Inter Boy Jacob Dennis are both wrapped up in their soccer seasons.  In fact, both showed up in uniform.  Lower Senior Boy David Altschul was also in uniform, having come from a fall baseball game.  He was joined by 2012 CIT Girl Becca Altschul, who just can’t wait for next summer’s CIT experience!  New camper and Junior Boy Brandon Shaw told me all about how he loves to bike as much as possible.

In PA:  Freshman Boy Adam Aronson is busy with two fall baseball teams.  Junior Boys Alex Solomon and Idan Jaffe are playing soccer as is Upper Inter Girls Lauren Greene and Brianna Marburg.  Freshman Boy Eric Miller is back playing on his travel ice hockey team.  His sister, Ilana Miller, who will be joining us for her first summer in 2012, is incredibly active with a number of different dance classes.  Super Senior Girls Mindy Rosenthal and Allie Ernst were already thinking about designs for a Super Senior sweatshirt for 2012.  Special hats off goes to Mindy and Allie as well as Lauren Greene, Brianna Marburg and Valerie Solomon, all who actually attended both PA Canteen on the Fly Events.

Here are some pics from the Canteen on the Fly…

Eric Forti with the Sher Boys, Ben and Zach.

Jason "J.Cal" Calabretta with Gaby Hirsch and Jones Pearlman.

Jake Garfinkle, Sammy Halpern, Harrison Keim and Josh Silverstein from Summer 2011's Bunk 8.

Pete Tarnoff and Eric Miller having some ice cream and a smile!

Me and 2012 Junior Girl Ilana Miller.

Me with (From Left to Right): Idan Jaffe, Alex Solomon, Jordyn Marburg, Brianna Marburg, Lauren Greene and Valerie Solomon.

Special thanks to Cold Stone Creamery, Rita’s Ices, Mark and Julie’s Ice Cream, Udder Delight and Carvel for putting up with all of our camp craziness.  We hope we will see all of our Long Island campers on Friday, November 11 for our last Canteen on the Fly.

A few weeks ago, as also reported on the other blogs, we had a very special occasion to attend in Holyoke, MA.  Assistant Girls Head Counselor Alyssa Thibodeau and Assistant Boys Head Counselor Mike Lindquist got married!  If you didn’t know, Mike and Alyssa met at camp in Summer 2007, which was Mike’s second summer and Alyssa’s first.  They also got engaged at camp in Summer 2010.  The wedding was at a place called the Log Cabin (very campy, don’t you think) and the ceremony had spectacular views of fall colors at the top of a mountain.  The guest list was comprised of so many Canadensis people.  Really, there were so many that I can’t name them all.  In fact, there was so many Canadensis people there, we could have had a legitimate Color War.  Ha Ha!  Seriously though, it was so good to have so many people from our extended camp family attend and goes to show just how our Canadensis community is so supportive of each other.  And, of course, because it is probably funny for all of you to see us in formal wear, here are some pics…

Alyssa and Mike say "I do."

Me and Jaime with Cara and Phoebe.

Me and J.Cal.

Congratulations, Alyssa and Mike!  We loved that we could be there on your very special day.

With the fall season upon us, it is definitely safe to say that my schedule is starting to get full with home visits to campers.  As I’ve said in previous blogs, this is one of my favorite things to do in the off season.  Getting things started, I met two of our new Junior Girls (both currently in 3rd grade), Joey Dallow and Zoe Bustin, in Livingston, NJ.  Joey and Zoe met at this summer’s Tour and More Weekend and are super excited to be coming to Canadensis in 2012.  Joey and Zoe (hey, that rhymes) filled me in on all they were up to.  Joey likes to do art, play soccer, basketball and lacrosse, likes to run and loves hanging out with all of her friends.  Zoe, who is also a 2nd generation Canadensis camper as mom Dina attended camp, told me that she also plays soccer, loves to go sledding in the winter and in the spring will play softball.  She also mentioned that she loves to eat candy.  This summer, Joey and Zoe are looking forward to activities such as the ropes course, the theater program, art, cooking, canteen, free play and swimming.  In fact, when I asked them what they are excited about for camp, both answered, “Mostly everything!”  Great answer!  Here is a photo…

Me with 2012 Junior Girls Joey Dallow and Zoe Bustin.

Last week, we were back up at camp.  Eric, Matt and I were looking into some new projects that we want to get underway.  There is a big announcement coming soon for our big project for Summer 2012, but right now, we can also let you know that we will be adding a new fitness room at the back of the Rec Hall and will be upgrading our baseball and softball fields with new backstops and fences.  It’s going to look great! Again, be on the lookout for our big announcement.

On a personal note, I always like to share what I’ve been up to when not involved with camp things.  As always, I’ve been in Lot L12 for every Giants home game so far.  For two weeks, I was even joined by some Canadensis families.  At the Seahawks game, I was met by Canadensis parents Dan and Gail Keim.  At the Bills game, I got to hang out with Upper Inter Boy Noah Stern and his father David, who drove all the way up from Philly to root for their Giants!  As always, if you have a ticket for the game, be sure to stop by and say hello to me in Lot L12.  There is always plenty to eat as well.

As you may know, outside of camp, one of my other passions is music.  I’ve seen a number of great acts the past few weeks, including Bruce Hornsby, Trey Anastasio (of Phish), Chris Robinson (of the Black Crowes) and G. Love and Special Sauce (yes, it’s a funny name).

Finally, what’s everyone dressing up as for Halloween?  We want to know.  Send us your pics and we’ll include them in our next newsletter or post them on our blogs.  You can send them to me or anyone in the Canadensis office at or .

More blogging to come!  Have a great day!