So Much To Say

Hello Canadensis!

Been away for a few days, so I feel like there is “So Much To Say” on this Tuesday.  And, in the spirit of Rocktober, “So Much To Say” is a song by whom?  First to answer gets Color War Bands!  You shouldn’t need Google for this one as it is a song from one of today’s most popular bands.  With so much to say, here it goes (in no particular order)…

So much going on.  Yesterday, I attended a wonderful American Camping Association event in New York City.  There were 75-80 different camps in attendance and we sat through numerous sessions on how to “spread the word” about camp.  I had a really great time.  It is always nice to meet other camp directors and workers to see what they are up to as well.

After the event was over, I headed to Long Island to have dinner at the Barefoot Peddler with Senior Boys Head Counselor Ken Ricken.  We talked about the summer among other things.  As many of you know, Ken is also a huge Mets fan.  While we were eating, the Yankees game was on and he was so rooting against them.  It was really funny to see how happy he was when the Angels won!  Ken says hello to everyone in the online Canadensis Community.

I also had a great talk with Mike Lindquist on Friday.  Mike, who is definitely planning on coming back to camp, is doing well at the University of Oregon, where he is finishing up his degree this year.  I always enjoy talking to Mike because Mike loves to talk camp!  He always refers to it as one of the best places in the world!  I couldn’t agree more!  He says that he has kept in touch with a lot of people, too.  In fact, Kenzie Gauthier, who also goes to Oregon, lives right across the street from Mike.  Cool!  Of course, Mike and I always talk about sports, too.  As we are both kind of sci-fi geeks, we also talked about our new favorite show on TV…Flash Forward.  I’ve been hooked on this show which is about the whole world blacking out for a few minutes and getting a glimpse of their future six months from now.

I have started to schedule some of my home visits for the winter.  This is definitely one of my favorite parts of my job.  Getting to see all of our campers and talking about Canadensis is what makes me excited for next summer to come even quicker!  For any new family that would like a visit in the next few weeks / months, give me a call at 973.842.0650.  Of course, I hope to see a number of returning campers, too!

I sent out an e-mail last week, letting our Summer ’09 Campers and their Parents know that our Annual Summer Reunion will be held on Sunday, January 10 from 1-3 pm.  It will once again be at the Carolier Brunswick Zone in New Jersey.  This is always a good place as it is centrally located for all of our families.  This event is only intended for those campers and staff that attended camp last summer.  For all new campers, we will have events scheduled in the spring for everyone to meet.

I got an e-mail from Nurse Betty Ashe, letting me know that her New Orleans Saints absolutely crushed my New York Giants this weekend.  Good thing I didn’t make a bet with her.  Anyway, congrats to your Saints!  They looked really good on Sunday.  At least there was some salvation for Giants fans this weekend after the Raiders beat the Eagles!  Sorry Philly fans; I just had to do it!  Ha Ha!  As for sports rivalries, is anyone rooting for the Phillies to play the Yankees in the World Series?  I’m sure there would be a lot of friendly rivalries going one between camp friends with that match-up.  Looks like we are close to that happening!

Hats off to Dylan Carruba (a new camper for Summer 2010) and Danielle Faden (who apparently must read my blog a lot, thanks D-Fade) for participating in the Sing Down of my last blog.  Of course, Danielle was quick to mention that both alma maters from Summer ’09 used the word “dream” in it. Dylan (and his mom Kristy) came up with a number of songs with the work “dream” in it.  Off the top of my head, I would have thought of River Of Dreams (Billy Joel), The Dream Police (Cheap Trick) and Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day).  By the way, who doesn’t love a good Sing Down!

Spoke to Eric for a long time today.  He just got back from his cruise.  I’m sure he will tell you all about it in his blog.  He said it was a great time!  Eric definitely needed to get away before our plans for Summer 2010 really begin to take off.  I’m glad he had fun!

On a completely random note:  Has anyone else noticed that when you take-out food from restaurants these days that they either skimp or don’t give you napkins.  What’s up with that?  Maybe it’s just me, but I think someone should always get napkins with their meal.  Am I the only that has noticed this?  Am I the only one that cares?  Ha Ha!

Well, time to go.  More blogging later this week.

Until then…Have a Great Day…Brian