Sorry for the delayed “bump” post!!

So I let some of you down yesterday by not posting as promised (Sorry Marshall!). It really isn’t that great a story, but here goes the shortened:

I was supposed to fly back from Florida last Saturday and when I arrived at Miami Airport it was a zoo! They were looking for volunteers to give up their seat and I was the only one willing to. In the end, 3 people got “involuntarily bumped”, while I voluntarily was bumped off the flight. The problem was they couldn’t find me another flight out until Monday. So, I suggested they look into Fort Myers Airport, which is on the other side of Florida (West Coast) from where I was! In the end, they found me a 6:50AM flight the next morning to Philly. Next was trying to figure out how to get to the airport. Delta paid $350.00 for me to get in a Super Shuttle (alone in a mini bus thing) for a 2.5 hour ride across Alligator Alley to Fort Myers! I arrived around 1 AM, checking into a hotel paid for by Delta, was supplied with 3 meals paid for by (you guessed it) Delta, and was given a $600 travel voucher on Delta which will certainly help to pay for my honeymoon after the wedding!!

The moral of the story is if you have a flexible schedule, offer to give up your seat and you could get rewarded VERY nicely!

Anyway, Robin flew in last night and today (Friday) is a day off for me as we are having wedding planning meetings all day long. But, I got away for one hour and am now at the office blogging to all of you. Tomorrow is our annual head staff winter meeting in NJ, followed by the most exciting day of the winter months- the 2009 Summer Reunion!!

We hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you didn’t RSVP yet, just email and let us know you’re coming! If you are reading this on Sunday, just hop on over to Brunswick Zone in North Brunswick, NJ from 1-3PM.

Otherwise, have a wonderful weekend!