Sunny Days in the Poconos

Hey Canadensis!

It’s JCal I’m up here at camp for the weekend. It has been a beautiful past few days up here in the Poconos. It was about 85 degrees here yesterday and the sun was shinning all day. I’m not the only person here this weekend, Robin is also here visiting and Cara and Brian are up here already for the summer.Yesterday we were very busy, I helped Matt Unger put together some of the tennis nets around camp, refill the soda machines and help clean the pool. I also helped Cara and the office staff with the bus and trunks mailing. Elsewhere around camp the precamp staff was busy spreading new sand on the beach front to enhance Lake Lenape’s beauty and put together the new outdoor ping pong tables for the new canteen.

There is just so much stuff going on up here at camp. We have several new videos filmed and ready to be posted in the upcoming days. Keep checking the web-site and the blog for new updates.

We’ll have much more later from the Pocono’s!