The return of Jaycal…AND…the first group arrives at Canadensis

Hi All,

Jaycal is HOME! Jaycal arrived home last night from Israel and he had a great time! He will be posting shortly a recap of his trip to Poland and Israel.

But, now that he is home, it’s time to sit down and work hard on our new project- the Canadensis Today Show! We have so much to finalize including the logo, intro theme music, segments we will feature, the guest anchors, production scheduling, etc.

Here at camp we are quite busy. The first group of precamp staff arrived- Justin Winch, Steven Scott, and Peter Tarnoff. Precamp special guest Martha Archer arrived to our aid so that tomorrow we can open the climbing wall for our group that is arriving as I type this!

The past few days have been spent preparing the boys cabin for the arrival of this group.  This included cleaning the cabins (we have an outside service do this), putting the cleaning supplies in the cabins, counting the number of beds, getting the kitchen ready to serve meals, fill the soda machines, and I could go on and on.

We also had tons of outside companies coming in. Our wall/high ropes was inspected and of course passed the other day, we had 3 tractor trailers of food deliveries arrive that needed to be unloaded, etc.

Today in response to the “Swine Flu” outbreaks we have installed hand sanitizer stations outside all of the doors into the dining halls. Of course, the best prevention of any disease is washing your hands thoroughly in the dedicted hand wash stations, but we wanted to also provide hand sanitizer as well. We also continually retrain all of our kitchen staff on proper handwashing and food handling procedures as well as inspect the cleanliness of the dining hall after each meal. This is something we always do, but I thought I should highlight some of these things as I know many people are wondering about this flu. So far, so good up here in our own little world of Canadensis and we don’t expect that to change!

It’s 9:30PM and we just got done serving a pizza snack to the group of 200 that is still arriving. I am looking forward to welcoming the 2009 CIT’S up at camp tomorrow, so until then I leave you with a sneak peek at the recycling program signage we will be posting in each cabin!