The Start of a New Summer!

Hello Canadensis!

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful Fall weather we’ve been having.  For us, Fall means that it is officially time to start thinking about next summer already.  The cycle starts over!  People always ask us what it is we do when we are not at camp.  Well, putting together the two months we spend with each other certainly takes a lot of planning and preparation and that all begins now.

We want to thank all of the campers of Summer 2011 that completed the online survey as it has given us a good idea of what activities were most popular, what meals were enjoyed the most and what special events were considered great!  The feedback we received will be used in our plans.

Of course, we just announced last week the first of our many off season events…CANTEEN ON THE FLY.  We hope that many of our campers, staff, alumni and future campers will join us for some free ice cream.  All those that attend will receive a T-Shirt as well.  The dates and locations are as follows…

Our third year of our CANTEEN ON THE FLY event has us coming to seven different locations on three different days. Hope you can make it!

Speaking of plans for the summer, I spoke with magician extraordinaire Brad Henderson today.  He says hello to everyone in Canadensis world and is excited to return in Summer 2012.  Our campers and staff are truly amazed every summer by Brad, through his magic clinics, magic show and hypnosis show.  If you want to see just what I am talking about, you can check out some tricks here:  Some great stuff!

Brad Henderson, an annual entertainer at Canadensis, seeks out counselors for his Hypnosis show.

Brad had our counselors doing some crazy things while "under his trance."

As we have just begun to plan for Summer 2012, we’d love to hear anymore ideas and input from you.  If you have an idea, you can e-mail or call us.  Maybe you see something at school or at a bar/bat mitzvah or wedding that might be good for camp.  Let us know and we will look into it.

Outside of camp, things for me have been great, especially since my Giants are off to a 3-1 start this season.  As always, I will be in Lot L12 this weekend if there are any Canadensis Giants fans going to the game.  Haven’t heard much from any of our Philadelphia Eagles fans as of late.  I wonder why?  Ha Ha!  Got to see a great concert last week at the Bergen Peforming Arts Center when I saw Bruce Hornsby.  Many of you might know his bigger hits like Mandolin Rain and The Way It Is, but this guy is one of the most talented musicians and has one of the best bands out there these days.

With the “New Summer” underway, I can’t wait and see many of our campers in the upcoming weeks and months.  More blogging to come soon.

Have a great day…Brian