The Things We Love!

Hello Canadensis…

I hope everyone had a really fun time trick-or-treating this past weekend.  I was actually up at camp on Saturday and is the annual tradition up there, the town has been changed to Scarecroweville, PA for the week.  Again, if anyone has any good costumes they would like to share, please send them and we’ll post’em on our blogs.

As for me, I love Halloween and have always spent it in the usual fashion for the past number of years.  As many of you know, outside of my family and friends, I have several loves for which I am passionate about:  (1) CAMP (of course); (2) the New York Giants (yes, we are 5-2 this season); (3) Music (and live music for that matter).  So, Halloween has usually been about finding a concert and spending it with friends.

This Halloween was particularly special as my favorite band, The Black Crowes were coming to New York City.  About a month ago, I discovered that the Halloween show was going to be my 50th Black Crowes show.  Talk about love!  As a result, I had a special football jersey made up for my costume.  Here it is…



Pretty cool, huh?!  Anyway, the 50th Show was also celebrated with some of MY closest camp friends.  What could be better, right?  We had so much fun and the show was absolutely terrific, especially when they ended up playing my favorite song of all time called “Thorn In My Pride.”

As I said, I also made my way up to camp this weekend.  We have begun some new projects, including re-paving and re-surfacing the Inter Courts.  Here are some pictures of that project…

Newly paved courts, which will also be painted and lined in camp's blue and gold colors.

From another angle.

And another angle. The courts will also be getting new top of the line adjustable basketball hoops.

Right in the same area of camp, we removed the green fencing around the Inter Hockey Rink, which we will now replace with netting behind the goal areas.  Take a look…

The Inter Hockey Rink is no longer caged in. Netting will be used behind the goals for Summer 2011.

The trip up to camp was great!  Of course, all my trips up to camp end the same way, by stopping off at Callie’s Pretzel Factory and loading up on some delicious treats.  I have become addicted to their Everything Pretzels.  Delicious.  To check out Callie’s and even shop online, go to their website: .

I also wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate any of camp’s San Francisco Giants fans on winning their first World Series in over 50 years.  When I try and think of any Canadensis campers or staff that root for the Giants, I can only think of one…Mike Lindquist.  I’m sure Mike is on Cloud 9 today after such a big win!  I know all of you Phillies and Yankees fans were hoping to be back in the series this year, but you can’t win every year!

San Francisco Giants (and Mike Lindquist) celebrate the World Series!

Well, that’s all for today.  More blogging later this week.

All the best…Brian