This Is Not Over Yet!

First off, way to go Phillies!

I really liked Brian’s idea to use a song title in each of his posts last month, so in keeping with the trend, I will use the title of a Musical Theatre Showtune in the title of each of my posts all month! If you can tell me what show they’re from, I’ll let you post a shout out to your camp friends in my next post! Today’s musical theatre showtune title is in keeping with the theme of the World Series… GO PHILLY!

Happy November camp friends! I do love the fall, and today is the perfect fall day! I hope most of you are enjoying the day off of school; two Canadensis regulars even spent some time visiting the office today!

Can you tell which sister's in the photo?

Can you tell which sister's in the photo?

It’s always nice to see camp friends outside of camp, and I was especially excited to see CJ and Mel today! We spent some time catching up, and the girls showed me a few funny Sukonik family photos, including an original camp photo from CJ’s first camp picture day! We had a lovely lunch at Redstone and it hardly even felt like a day at the office with all the fun we were having!

I’ll be spending the rest of today and tomorrow interviewing some new staff applicants who have applied to camp recently, as well as working on the staff hiring college tour that we’ll begin next February! We are going to some great new locations this year, and I’m so excited to meet new people and hire some more amazing new staff.

The Glee Soundtrack debuts today! Anyone else so excited?!