Time now for a guest…

I have written on this blog since it’s inception and sometimes I am sure at times it may get just slightly boring for you to read. I mean my adventures and life are just so interesting all the time so I couldn’t imagine this blog ever getting dull, but anyway, I have decided that starting today, we will have guest bloggers from time to time. If you think you would be a good guest blogger, please email me eric@canadensis.com so I can feature you in a future blog.

For our very first guest blogger, I introduce you to Marshall Weinstein. Marshall has worked at camp for 4 summers and was a groupleader this past summer for our Lower Inter Boys. Marshall is a great counselor/group leader and is also a very close friend of mine personally. Although we don’t see each other during the winter, it’s always great seeing him throughout the summer. One final note, Marshall admitted that it wasn’t so easy to write his first blog entry, so perhaps some of you will understand that at times, it’s a difficult thing to do, nevertheless it’s something I absolutely love doing!

MarshallHi camp family!!

It’s Marshall, guest blogging for Forti.  Not sure why he asked me, but I am happy to say hi nonetheless. I am coming to you all the way from Bellingham, Washington. It is in Northern Washington, about 20 miles south of the Canadian border and 80 miles north of Seattle, where my family is. Check it out on a map if you are really curious. I am three weeks into my last quarter of college. I could not be more excited about graduating in December.

I am student teaching in a third grade classroom in a brand new school. The kids in my class are a blast, of course not as much fun as all of you, but still a lot of fun. I take over the classroom full time in the middle of October. Wish me luck! I am currently teaching a unit on the geography of Washington State; (see the picture below to see my teaching about continents) my kids are learning all about maps and geographical features like mountains, oceans, rivers and things like that in Washington. They are really into it.

I got a chance to go home and go to the University of Washington football game this weekend with my brother who goes to school there. It was amazing to be at the game and watch the Huskies beat number 3 USC. Got to rush the field and everything. Just had to mention it if there are any USC fans at camp. Washington football is back; lets go DAWGS!!!

Anyway, that is about all that is going on with me. Teaching, Teaching, and more teaching. Can’t wait to see you all for Summer 2010 and to get that five-year jacket with my fellow five years! Shout out to Lower Inter Boys of summers 08 and 09. Miss all of you, thanks for two amazing summers. Thanks again to Forti for asking me to blog and say hi.