Time to Refresh!

It was well past time for me to refresh my Camp Canadensis car bumper magnet!  Take a look at the 2-year old one on the left, and the new one on the right.  They use to be the same color!  Now that my magnet is looking spiffy and new, I feel like my camp spirit is more alive!!

If you need a magnet refresher for any reason, please be in touch with me (pam@canadensis.com) and tell me your address and I’ll get one in the mail for you!

Good reasons to refresh your magnet:

1.  You are a CIT who is learning to drive and wants a magnet of your very own!

2.  It got washed away at the car wash…

3.  It’s faded…

4.  You never got one in the first place!

Also, check out these amazing Canadensis holiday cookies!  It was a delicious “refresh”ment that we got to enjoy at the office today, thanks to our Lower Junior Group Leader, Melissa Torban.  Melissa is going to be spending her 3rd summer at camp, and she is incredibly talented at working with kids both as a teacher during the year, and in her role at camp.  Clearly, she’s also incredibly talented at baking and decorating cookies…she made around 150 unique designs.  And…they are delicious too.  Thanks Melissa!