Trust me, Eric Forti singing in the rain is not a pretty picture…

Hey all!

This is Will Armon.  Eric Forti, as always, is busy with pre-Camp so I will be blogging for him this afternoon.  The story from Camp at the moment is rain.  It’s been raining on and off all day; the lake is way up, and we are all wet.  We had a Middle School group from Wissahickon leave this morning.  As they left, buses from PS1 and PS2 were rolling in.  So, the fifth graders have been playing in the rain all afternoon.

We unfortunately closed the Low Ropes Course this afternoon because the various obstacles were getting too slick.  So instead, Pete Tarnoff, Lauren Berry and I played a game with the kids in the Rec Hall.  It was a group jump roping game.  We took a forty foot piece of old climbing rope and the kids had to jump through it in pairs.  We then went to triples.  And by the end, we had fifteen kids jumping through the rope at the same time.  It was a simple activity, but I think that they liked it.

Other than working through the rain, there isn’t a whole lot that’s too exciting going on at pre-Camp.  I’ve been busy working on Counselor Orientation.  Believe it or not, our Group Leader Orientation starts in less than a week!  Counselors get here soon after that, and I think we all know who gets here next!

I will say this, Camp has honestly never looked better.  As I drove in three weeks ago I noticed it, and I am still noticing it today: Camp looks great!  I’m not sure what it is.  The pre-Camp staff is of course working hard, but they do every year.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to another beautiful summer at Canadensis.

Well, I guess I’ll leave it there for now.  I’m sure I’m be logging in to blog again before too long.  I hope that you enjoyed the first episode of Canadensis Today, which is posted in the Media Room.  I’m really looking foward to filming the show this summer.  Eric’s been pretty excited about it.  He ordered mugs and mousepads with the Canadensis Today logo.  Let’s face it, Forti was built for the camera!

Alright, Canadensis, I hope all are safe and anxiously awaiting the Summer of 2009!  Take care…