Up at Camp!

Hello from Canadensis! I guess you will have to get used to hearing that opening, as I am moving up to camp within the next few weeks. Today I am writing to you from my cozy, warm house on freshman hill!

Last night Matt and I drove up and arrived at camp around 10:45 PM. I have to confess that we made a few stops along the way at both Target and Staples as they had great sales on some items and we needed to buy office supplies for camp! After our shopping adventure, dinner at Friday’s, and stopping for fuel, we finally arrived in the mountains.

This morning, we left camp around 7AM to meet with the Pocono Chamber of Commerce. Camp Canadensis is a member of the Chamber and we had to go and videotape a  free “TV show spot” for local television introducing camp to the community. So Matt drove to Stroudsburg to the meeting and I wrote a 1-minute script as a commercial for camp. We showed up and they told us it’s a 15-second intro. Aaahh, how am I supposed to explain Camp Canadensis in 15 seconds! The show will air in May and will also be on the internet, so I will be sure to post a link on the blog.

After the Chamber meeting, we ran a few errands in town and then returned to camp. After unloading the car it was time for the annual redecoration of our Operations office and clean-up. We setup Sam’s desk , moved a few things around, and then sat down at our desks to do some computer work, make phone calls, etc. At the exact same time, Matt and I looked at each other and said WOW, another winter has passed and it feels like we just left! Of course, we were missing Sam (who by the way is excited that his desk is now on “my side” of the office and he is sort of facing me full time now) as well as missing all of the campers and staff. It really felt like we never left and we were so excited to be back up at camp once again.

Now I am sitting in my house, doing some laundry, and watching TV. Tomorrow will be another day at camp and we plan on checking on all of the renovated cabins, the new canteen, and check on a few other things around camp. Tomorrow night we will head back to Philly, but this time only for about 2 weeks, until we move back up to camp full time!

I hope everyone is doing well and stay tuned for a Vlog (video) posting from camp tomorrow.