Wake Me Up When September Ends

Hello Canadensis!

Last day of September.  What does that mean?  I have no idea.  But, I do love that Green Day song…Wake Me Up When September Ends.

So, I hope everyone that observed Yom Kippur had a very easy fast.  Breaking the fast happens to be one of my favorite meals of the year.  Bagels, lox, whitefish, pickled herring…yum!

The Bruce Hornsby concert I saw on Saturday that I mentioned in last week’s post was awesome.  He played a mix of hits and fan favorites.  One thing I love about him is that he continually takes requests from the audience and changes up his setlists “on the fly.”  I don’t even really know if he comes out with a setlist.  His band must always be alert for what song he wants to play next.

On Sunday, the Big Blue once again came out victorious, crushing Tampa Bay 24-0.  It was the Giants first road shutout since 1983.  The Giants played really well, but I think the Bucs are also a really bad team, too.

Got an e-mail from counselor Chris Parno, saying how much he misses camp.  Always good to hear from our staff.  As mentioned in Cara’s blog, too, Chris joined Steven Scott and Ethan Cohen to record an LP for Steven’s band The Spelling Tree.  Pretty cool.  Can’t wait to hear it.  I heard from nurse Mandy Renzulli, who is doing well and also misses camp.

Also been e-mailing with campers Rachel Cebula, who is doing well in her new school in Pennsylvania, and Julia Rosenau, who incorporated Canadensis in several of her school projects so far.  Awesome!

That’s all for now.  More tomorrow.

Until then…Have a great day…Brian