We are a ‘corny’ camp!

I love corn – don’t you?  It’s one of my favorite snacks to eat all year through, and we sure eat a lot of it at Canadensis!  We have popcorn as a snack option in the canteen, every age group goes on a trip to the Casino Movie Theater to see a summer blockbuster and enjoy popcorn (and ice cream!) and we also have drive-in movies at camp.  Drive-in movies are the best!  Last year, the entire camp voted on what movies they wanted to see and three times during the summer we brought our sleeping bags, pillows and camp friends and snuggled onto the soccer field to watch a movie on the giant outdoor screen!

At Canadensis, we also LOVE the Cornman!!  You might be wondering what the Cornman is, and it’s hard to describe – you really have to be at camp.  The Cornman comes several times during the summer during big events, like carnival – and he roasts the most delicious corn, right in the husk!  Our campers line up to get corn, and top it with an array of different spices…every Canadensis kid has their own special recipe.  I like mine with butter, garlic salt and parmesan!  The Cornman comes from a farm called Our Green Acres – it’s an outdated website, but you can get more information here.

I got my carnival corn and got attacked by the painted CITs at the same time!

We often make popcorn here in the winter office and share it with each other.  Today, I decided to bring in a special treat to share with Eric, Cara, Matt and our special guest visitor Groundhog!!!  I brought in popping corn that was still attached to the cob – I picked it off the stalk on a recent trip to a farm with one of my favorite people.  It was an exciting experiment to put this corn in a paper bag and place it in the microwave and see what happens…unfortunately, my corn went from this on the stalk…

To this in the popping bag…

To this burnt mess that I had to extinguish in the sink!

Oh well, I still love popcorn, and I’m going to try to pop it off the cob again in the future!  I wish that all of your Thanksgiving cooking experiment go better than mine – and I wish you a very happy holiday!!