“We Made This” Monday: JRA Food Delivery

Some of our Canadensis families met us yesterday at the Jewish Relief Agency warehouse, which meets once a month to pack up food items, and then delivers it to households in need.   I know I usually blog on Monday’s about crafts…but I’m so impressed with the boxes of food we made and delivered yesterday, so I wanted to show you pictures from our awesome families that volunteered their Sunday morning!  Many people in the Philadelphia community come together each month to make JRA happen – and we like going in March to help with the Passover deliveries.  You can see how busy the warehouse was in the photo above!The first step of the process is that our volunteers grab an empty box, and walk down the line as other volunteers load it up with food.  It gets very heavy by the end of the line, but Rachel (a Junior Girl, shown above) was eager to do more heavy lifting!  Noah (a Upper Inter Boy) and Josh (a Lower Senior boy, both shown below), made many trips through the “conveyor belt” style line, loading up on things like matzah, carrots, gefilte fish, tomato sauce, crushed pineapple, potatoes and grape juice.The second step of the process is actually getting to deliver the boxes of food.  When we deliver as a group, they give us an apartment building where a lot of people are waiting for these boxes of food, so we can all be together.  When we got there, we unloaded all 60 of our boxes, and then we need to make sure each of them are going to the right place!  Valerie (a Upper Inter Girl, shown below) labeled each one with big, clear numbers.It was a really great event, and we definitely appreciate everyone who came out to help!  We have been helping JRA make deliveries for 4 years!  During the summer, we do it with our CIT’s, and we will plan to do it again next March…hope you will join us!