Weekend Happenings…

Last weekend was the 10-mile race I’ve been training for, and Carli Forti’s 1st Birthday Party!  It was great, and next weekend (Brian’s Camp Wedding!) is going to be awesome too!  I wanted to share some photos, and let you know to expect the Camp Canadensis Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogs) to be all abuzz with updates from Brian & Jaime’s celebration soon!


My friends Katie & Jay came into Philly for the Broad Street Run.  Jay works at Camp KenMont/KenWood in Connecticut, and in the picture above Katie and I are both rocking our camp swag!  She’s an amazing runner, former collegiate athlete and it was incredible to have her expertise and advise right before and after the 10-Mile Broad Street Run.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would finish the race in under 2 hours, but I did it in 1:57:31 – a major accomplishment for a novice runner like myself.  I set a goal, and it felt great to achieve it!  I hope many of you start thinking about goals you want to achieve at camp this summer, anything is possible!BSRun3smallThere were 40,000 runners, and it was a perfectly beautiful day in Philly.  It turns out that after the run, the picture you see above of me at the finish line was randomly picked and used in a Philly Magazine blog.  My friend spotted it and shared it with me, so cool!  Maybe it’s because they liked my Camp Canadensis t-shirt?  (Of course I had to run with something to show my Canadensis spirit!!)

Carli Party 2There wasn’t much time to rest after the race, because a year ago Miss Carli Forti was born!  It was time to celebrate this amazing little girl that has brought so much love and fun into the world!  She had a great party with music, games, and of course cake!  I got crafty and made her the birthday card above, it’s actually a “pop-up” card, and when you open it a birthday cake springs out!  Just a reminder, you can learn how to make awesome cards and envelopes like this by signing up for the Stationery Making elective!  (Keep an eye out for a blog post coming soon with a programming preview of all the new stuff at camp to try!)

Carli PartyThere were so many camp friends at the party!  In the picture above is Sam, Dani, Cara and JCal.  But, I’m not the only one who got to see camp friends this weekend…

Bailey Julie JordanThere was a camp friends gathering in NYC, and I got some adorable photos that I wanted to share with you!  Bailey, Julie and Jordan are all in 4th grade, and are going to be Lower Inter Girls at camp this summer.  They enjoyed spending time together, and it looks like they got to enjoy some milkshakes and Baked By Melissa cupcakes…could there be anything better than camp friends and sweet treats?