Weekend Words

Hello Canadensis…

A busy day on the road yesterday kept me away from the computer, so I figured I jump on a Saturday for some weekend words.

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS to ERIC and ROBIN on their ENGAGEMENT!  How exciting!  Maybe the wedding should be an Evening Activity at camp this summer?  How ’bout it, Forti and Robin?  Ha Ha!  Only joking of course, even though I’m sure the CIT girls would have a blast decorating!  Seriously though, all the best to Eric and Robin and a life together filled with love and laughter.  Go to Eric’s blog for pictures!

In other camp news, as I mentioned, yesterday had me visiting several Canadensis families.  In the morning, I visited Canadensis Alumni Jonathan Kleinstein, who is considering sending his two daughters, Molly and Ella, to camp next summer.  Jonathan, who couldn’t stop beaming about his summers at camp, was excited to hear about our Alumni Reunion on June 19, 2010.  As a camper, Jonathan remembers playing a lot of hockey in the Spectrum, the skidoodle on the lake and turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes as his favorite meal.

In the afternoon, I drove into New York City to meet with some of our new campers for next summer and future summers!  First, I stopped by to meet Jones Pearlman, who will be in the Junior Boys division in Summer 2010 and his brother Ozzie, who will be a camper in 2011.  Jones, who is in 3rd Grade, likes to play GaGa, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer.  He is looking forward to trying the Ropes Course when at camp.  At home, he is also an avid skateboarder.  Ozzie, currently in 1st Grade, likes many of the same activities as Jones such as Basketball, Baseball and Gaga.  While visiting, Jones and I worked on building a website he is putting together.  It was a lot of fun!

Me with Jones (right) and Ozzie (left).

Me with Jones (right) and Ozzie (left).

After that, I walked a few blocks to see Gaby Hirsch, who will be coming to Canadensis for her first summer in 2010 as part of our Junior Girl Division.  In the 3rd Grade this year, Gaby is really looking forward to the Horseback Riding program at camp.  Since she is currently rehearsing her role as Molly for the show “Annie,” a production that will be put on in the spring as part of an after school theater company, there is a good chance we will also see Gaby on the Canadensis stage in 2010 as well.  At home in the winter, she also plays piano and loves playing with her dog Dexter.

Hanging out with Gaby.

Hanging out with Gaby.

After a day like this, it is definitely safe to say that I have one of the best jobs on the planet!  Talking camp all day with alumni, future campers and their parents is just the best!  As is the case each off season, I hope to see as many Canadensis people as possible!

Since it’s been a few days since my last post, I will say CONGRATULATIONS to all those Yankees fans out there for their win in the World Series over the Phillies.  27 Championships!  Wow!  More than any other franchise in any professional sport.  Wow, again!  Did any of you skip school or work to attend the parade?  If so, I hope you had a great day, seeing the spectacle of a ticker tape parade.  And if any of you did go, send me a picture and I’ll post it here on the blog.

Hopefully, the good vibes from the Yankees victory will rub off on the Giants this weekend as we have suffered three losses in a row!  Not good.  This weekend is a must win!  Once again, we will be in the parking lot because it is a home game.  Our arrival time will be at 11 am.  If you are planning to be at the game, stop on by and say hello.  We are in Lot 5F and will be cooking those famous steak tips that Greg Ricken and the rest of the 2009 CIT Boys love so much!  Of course, there will also be our traditional grilled pineapple, too.  Always plenty of food for everyone.

Finally, in response to my last post which made a reference to my curiosity in the term “fancy” ketchup, Jason “J-Cal” Calabretta, who as we all know hates (and is actually somewhat fearful of) ketchup, had a comment.  His direct quote is:    “Saw the little ketchup thing and I wanted to speak up for those of us that don’t like ketchup. There are lots of us out there …nothing makes ketchup fancy! It’s disgusting :).”  Thanks, J-Cal.  Also, thanks to Counselor Shawn Bolton for actually providing us with an actual answer in that it is simply a marketing ploy by the Heinz Company.

More blogging next week.

Until then…Have a Great Weekend…Brian