Welcome Remy!

Last week I got to meet an AWESOME new camper who will be coming to Canadensis for the first time this summer, and will be staring as a Lower Senior Girl. Remy is currently in 7th grade at Masterman, which is one of the best magnet schools in Philadelphia. She is super involved with activities around school, she’s been elected to student council every year, and next year she is planning to run for President of the school! Before the election heats up, she is focused on the upcoming talent show, where she’ll be performing a dance to the Lady Gaga and Beyonce song “Telephone”. She’s also a total athlete who is on the track team and can run a mile in just over six minutes, and she also plays a lot of volleyball.

In her free time (it is impressive that she has any extra time!), she is an excellent big sister to her 18-month old Theresa, and she loves to bake! As you can see above, she makes decorative cakes like you would see on TV, and she’s even made a wedding cake before! While I was over, she gave me an awesome recipe for “Oreo stuffed chocolate chip” cookies, which sounds amazing, so we will have to make them with Jojo in cooking this summer!

Remy is so excited for camp, she can’t wait to try waterskiing, beach volleyball, archery, glass fusion, and many more activities. Please help me welcome Remy to the Canadensis Family!!