What To Pack For Camp…

This is a question I often hear around this time of year…packing for camp is a big task, and we are here to help whenever questions arise, don’t hesitate to call the camp office!

On a recent trip to Long Island, NY – Brian, Eric, Cara and I made a stopover at Morton’s in Cedarhurst – which is an official distributor of Camp Canadensis gear (it’s where I used to shop for camp as a kid!)  There are so many fun things for camp in stores like these, but no one needs everything!  Before making purchases, stop and think about what you camper needs, and the camp packing policy.

At Camp Canadensis, our goal is to maintain a simple, “down-to-earth” environment, without an emphasis on clothing.  Clothing should be casual and comfortable.  We see our parents as partners in creating a healthy and non-competitive environment that allows campers to achieve a strong sense of individuality and self-esteem that isn’t characterized by materials, clothing or labels.  We send home a packing list with a suggested number of items as a guideline when preparing for camp, and we ensure that campers stay withing these guidelines.  Simply, please keep in mind that this is camp!

In the photo above, we are holding squishables – which are super soft and cute, and I expect to see quite a few of them around camp this summer.  I really did fall in love with the happy pink octopus I was holding, but, as you can see…they are also quite large!  So here are some packing tips when it comes to packing things like squishables…

1.  We really only need one or two pillows for sleeping, and a few stuffed “friends” to hang out on our bed.  I think the ideal number of pillows/stuffed friends is right around 5.

2.  If a squishable is going to make the cut in your camp luggage this summer…do you really also need a pillow pet?  Probably not.  As you are packing, think about similar items like this…and choose the one your child would use the most.  Let only that one make the trip with you to the Poconos.

3.  Think about skipping the “autograph pillow”…our girls side campers have a graffitti party where they write notes to each other on t-shirts, so is an autograph pillow worth a spot in your top 5 bed accessories?  On boys side, they often use the end of the summer shirts to write notes to each other.

4.  Things at camp get used…a lot.  It’s not a pristine environment for favorite stuffed animals or cherished blankets.  Think about how durable these things are before packing it for camp.  If your child can sleep without, maybe it’s a good idea to keep these items safe at home.  You can take photos of them, and send the photos up to camp as a reminder of what’s waiting for them after the summer.

Just one example of how to pack items for camp…again, if you have question don’t hesitate to be in touch!