What Would The World Be Like Without Hobbies??

I can’t imagine a world without hobbies!  I love spending my time crafting, cooking and playing games…many things that I first learned at camp are hobbies that I try to do whenever I get free time.  I’ve blogged about some of these hobbies before, but at the top of the list is the game of MahJongg.  I have taught a lot of people how to play, including the CIT GIRLS of 2011 who are awesome players!  I’m in the process of teaching a group of women who live in the Plymouth Meeting, PA area, and the organizer of the group is Heather Brucker – mother to David Brucker who will be a 2nd year camper in the Lower Inter division this summer.

This is a photo of David and his younger sister Marissa (who might be doing the sibling Tour & More Weekend at camp this summer) helping me setup the MahJongg tiles so I could teach everyone how to play.   It takes a little while to learn, but Heather and her friends are doing great – and our second class is in just a few hours!

While I was over the Brucker household, David and I compared camp photo albums.  This is a picture of him holding the t-shirt covered camp album I made a few weeks ago, and I’m holding the book his family put together of the many photos he was in this summer.  The pictures are incredible!!

Another favorite hobby of mine is crochet, and this is a great activity to do during the winter because you can make things to keep you warm!  I love making blankets, hats, bags, rugs, and anything I can create with my crochet hook…I’m not the best at following instructions, so every time I make something it turns out different and unique…kind of like snowflakes.  I will upload more photos soon…

This is a blanket I made for one of my friends who had a baby boy – I love teaching campers how to crochet too, and I’m hoping it catches on Canadensis this summer!

This is an ear warmer that I made in an hour…just in time to wear it for New Years Eve!  I attached a cute bow.

Another big hobby of mine is playing around with Photoshop.  The best part about this hobby is that I get to use it at work to create marketing materials like postcards, brochures and more.  I just finished working on this awesome photo of Callie Goodman who was a freshman girl at camp last summer.  It was the perfect picture to announce that we are going to the Philadelphia 76ers game on Tuesday, March 1st (email pam@canadensis.com to reserve $30 lower level tickets).  Of course it’s a funny photo because Callie is a funny girl!

I’ve also made about 10 other postcards…including this one featuring 2011 CIT Boy, Matthew “Chipper” Jacobson and Rachael Liberman captures all the spirit of camp during Color War!

In addition to spending time doing my favorite hobbies, over the next few weeks, Brian, Eric and I will be visiting a lot of homes.  We’ll be trying to see every new camper for 2011, and help get them excited for the summer of their life!  I’ll be making a trip to Long Island this weekend, and even seeing some campers on Martin Luther King Day, so I’ll have a lot of new photos to post in my blog next week.  Until then…Think Camp!