Where in the World is Eric Forti: Home!

Hi All,

Just a quick blog update to let you all know I made it home! After my journey from Hong Kong – Seoul – London – Atlanta – Philadelphia, I am finally home and on American soil! My TV system didn’t work from London to Atlanta, so it was 9 hours of boredom, but I made a friend with my seatmate, a 12-year old whose dad is a pilot for Delta and is an avation lover, as am I. We talked about all of the different airplane models, etc. I guess I am just craving summer and being back at camp! Someone else on my flight noticed my Camp Canadensis shirt and told me many of her friends children went to Canadensis in the 70s/80s. You truly never know who you will meet!

It is now 9:40PM and I will be landing in philly in about 15 minutes. Actually, they are announcing to turn off laptops, so off I go. Hope everyone enjoyed where in the world part 1 and stay tuned to part 2 coming next week. I also have a video from London that will be posted tomorrow.

Goodnight from my OWN BED IN PHILADELPHIA!