Where in the World is Eric Forti: Part 2-Prague

Hey Everyone! I had an amazing time in Prague and am literally minutes away from our staff hiring fair here in the Czech Republic! I flew in last night and immediately went into town for dinner. I did a little exploring before and of course brought you along for the ride!

Click here for my introduction to Prague video!

Click here to see me answer some of your questions and answers!

Today I went out and explored the oldest active Jewish synagogue in all of Europe and had a brief tour. Of course following the tour, I needed to eat so Pam Levi (co-Evening Activities Director with me a few years ago) knew of a great bagel place to head to. We went to Bohemian Bagel and you will never believe who I ran into! Check out the attached video and see Joe Shelley and Jesse Charnoff, CITs 2004. They are studying this semester in Prague and by chance ran into them. Pay special attention to Jesse’s shirt and I promise you this was NOT PLANNED!!!! See, Canadensis truly is a global, worldwide camp.

Check out the video by clicking here.

I have to run and go hire some terrific staff for Summer 2009. Tomorrow, I fly out at 4:45 AM to my next destination. Find out where i’m going by checking out the next post!