Where in the World Round 2

Hi All,

Quick blog post to remind everyone that Where in the World Part 2 begins tomorrow! I will be heading overseas once again and hiring some of the best staff for Summer 2011.

Back here in the US, things have been busy. Well when you are “home” for only 2 weeks in between world trips, a lot happens! Things have been busy in the winter office sending out camper mailings, visiting with first time campers in the evening, and working with Matt Unger on purchases for 2011, to name a few things. Speaking of home visits, I have had the chance to meet tons of new families and I hope to see many more in the coming months.

Besides all that, I was honored to attend Max Vorcheimer’s Bar Mitzvah, spend a little time with my wife, visit my Great Aunt, and drive my mom to JFK for a 3+ week trip to Australia and New Zealand. See, the Forti family never rests and I am so excited for my mom to be on the trip of a lifetime. Of course, it would have been nice sponsored by Oprah, but Australia is Australia!

So stay tuned to twitter (www.twitter.com/whereisforti) and the facebook page entitled Camp Canadensis- Where in the World is Eric Forti for updates over the next few weeks!

See you on the other side of the world.