Where in the World Update- Saturday

You can start playing the game at anytime and answer any questions you want. You don’t have to answer all of them! The more points you accumulate the better your chances are at winning though.

Here are some of the latest tweets from Eric’s Where in the World Trip! Follow Eric on Twitter from constant updates. www.twitter.com/whereisforti. Don’t forget to email your answers to his questions to editor@canadensis.com to receive points. Winners will receive special prizes this summer!

We have received full video of ERIC FORTI “attempting” to surf and will post those throughout the weekend. Please remember to answer all of Eric’s questions to receive the most amount of points possible.

@WhereIsForti: At the airport again on my way to Sydney Australia! Last stop on my Australia tour!

@WhereIsForti: Who am I with? Email your answers to Editor@Canadensis.com! More pictures soon!!http://tweetphoto.com/9945719

@WhereIsForti: All of the other camp directors are mad because the most desired counselor just chose canadensis out of 30 camps! He knows we are the best!

@WhereIsForti: just spoke to Brian Krug!

@WhereIsForti: Up early for 2 days of interviews and hopefully fantastic staff hiring here in Australia!