Will Armon and Canadensis Today Show Ideas

Hey Will, I bet you never thought you would get your very own post with our name in the subject!

Congratulations to Will! Last night, we finally caught up after a busy week for both of us and he shared the exciting news that he was awarded the “Most promising basketball official in St. Louis”. As many of you already know, Will is a basketball ref during the winter season at high schools throughout the St. Louis area. From what I observe at camp, Will takes refereeing very seriously and he truly enjoys doing this. So, congrats to Will and we are honored to say that the most promising basketball official in the entire city of St. Louis, at the age of 28, will be refereeing the showcase color war basketball games at Canadensis! Perhaps we should use THAT in our marketing materials. In all seriousness, congratulations brother.


I also am excited to announce that we will be having a Canadensis Today Show camper segment called Canadensis Today IReporter. We will be arming campers with brand-new “flip” style video cameras to use around camp. The campers will be at all the activities, evening activities, special events, etc. We will also be offering opportunities for campers to get involved in producing the Today Show, from setting up segments, designing the set, working with Jaycal on audio, and creating innovative new segments, we are going to be involving campers in all aspects of Today.

As you all know, the Today Show was a brand-new concept last year, and while we met our goal of producing at least one show every day, it’s time to raise the bar. We are working on new graphics and other improvements, but our primary goal this summer will be to involve campers in every aspect of the show. So, campers get ready for a brand-new Today and to be involved in whatever ways you want to be!

Matt and I are headed up to camp Sunday night and staying through Monday, so be ready for pictures, video, and news updates throughout next week right here on this blog. Robin will be coming in this weekend for Melanie Sukonik’s Bat Mitzvah- Mazel Tov and I look forward to seeing some of the camp girls tomorrow! Have a great weekend everybody.