You're listening to NPR…

After a crazy camp wedding weekend you didn’t really think we could all just return to business as usual, right? Of course not! Instead of our typical Monday in the office, the Canadensis winter staff met in Philadelphia at the WHYY studios to volunteer and lend our support to public broadcasting. Here’s the photo diary:

Uncle Don and Phoebe ready to take calls!

Neil and Aunt Terri taking donations.

Dave and Pam love NPR!

Eric is in the hot seat!

Phoebe and I take a break from taking calls to pose!

Robin cheers after a big donation!

Matt takes a call while Phoebe waits for the phone to ring...

It wouldn’t be a Canadensis event if we didn’t go out to FroYo afterwards!!!

We were hungry for Froyo!

As always we had a great time just being together, and it was made all the better knowing we were supporting public radio and television! Since we haven’t had enough yet, next weekend we’ll be hitting the road for TWO DAYS of Canteen on the Fly! Hope to see you there!