100 days and Counting till Camp!

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the lack of blog posts this past week. At the start of the week, I went up to Tarrytown, NY for a menu planning food conference. About 15 camps got together to discuss their menus and the food ordering process in an attempt for all of us to gain some knowledge in this field. It was very productive, with fun mixed in of course! Following the conference, I went to Syosset, NY where I had a production meeting with Jaycal to discuss our new Canadensis Today Morning Show. We have some amazing things planned and I can’t wait for summer to come and starting this internet morning show for camp families and friends.

After the meeting, the Calabretta’s took me to dinner and then I stopped over the McCord house briefly for a quick visit. Casey asked me to record a little webcam video on facebook for the 2009 Super Senior Girls (Shout-out!) and we chatted a bit about the upcoming summer. Brett had just come home from his rock band practice with a guitar in hand!

Tuesday through Friday I was down in Atlantic City for our annual tri-state camp conference. It is the largest gathering of camps each year and an opportunity for all of us to attend sessions to discuss all aspects of camp. Actually, there was a session on communications and THIS VERY BLOG was highlighted during the session! Camps are in awe about what we have created with both Cara and my blogs and some camps are going to being their own.

It is so exciting when tri-state arrives, because it’s such an energizing and exciting conference. Anytime you put hundreds of camp directors together, we talk and talk and talk about CAMP! We discuss everything from our operations (laundry, dining hall, transportation, maintenance) to activities offered throughout the day to special event/evening activity programming, etc. There is also a huge exhibit hall with over 100 vendors selling the latest and greatest items for camps to buy. Matt Unger and I did a bit of shopping, signed up for our Senior Day at Camelbeach, and there are some very special surprises coming for this summer!

100 days until camp. Actually, it’s now Saturday morning, so its 99! Double digits, absolutely AMAZING. In truth, the number for me is approximately 30! I move to camp in 30 days to start getting things ready for all of you for an amazing Summer 2009. I can’t tell you how excited and energized I am after meeting with all of these other camps for summer to arrive. We have a lot of planning to continue to do as well as a lot of preparations up at camp (like turning the water on), but camp will be here before we know it and Summer 2009 will be a blast!

Continue to stay tuned to this blog for the announcement of Round 2 winners from Where in the World is Eric Forti. As part of our 100 days till camp celebration, we have new and exciting announcements in the coming days!