Winners and a Visit to Camp

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Brrr….it was COLD! Yesterday, I went up to camp and overnight the temperatures hit 12 degrees. The heat was blasting in my cabin, but in the morning I awoke to absolutely no snow on the ground whatsoever and the lake is completely thawed out! This is the earliest I remember no snow (not even piles from the plow) and that means we have extra time to get the leaves raked and make sure the camp is as beautiful as always for our first groups, which will be arriving on May 1. Speaking of our first groups, we are also hosting our CIT 09 weekend as well on May 2 and I am so excited to see them!

Things up at camp are coming along really well. Tom, Jimmy, and Val have worked incredibly hard this winter to ensure things are ready. A bunch of cabins were renovated, cubbies are still being built, the small pavilion has a brand-new floor, we put new roofs on many buildings throughout camps, most of the roads have been paved, and much much more! Oh, did I mention the new canteen? I must have forgotten, haha. Check out my video at the top of this post from my time at camp and you will see a sneak preview of where the new canteen is located. I didn’t take you inside just yet as we are still putting the final touches on, but I promise that I will bring you a video soon of the inside!

So as soon as the temperatures stop dipping below 32 degrees (freezing) at night, we will begin the process of turning on the water. I say we because once I move up (April 20), I like to help here and there, but when it comes to climbing underneath cabins and crawling through the mud, it always seems that I am really busy and must leave to take a phone call, how convenient, right? Just kidding of course?

Anyway, I am really excited to be moving up to camp because it means camp is that much closer. I promise to post as often as I can once I move up to camp and bring you pictures and videos throughout the coming months. Enjoy the video at the top of this post from my day at camp and stay tuned because Matt Unger and I are going up next week for a day as well!

Finally, I wanted to announce the winners of Where in the World is Eric Forti- Part 2. Before I do, I have to once more reiterate how much work Jaycal continues to put into this blog. Whether I was sending him a video to post at 3AM Eastern time while I was in Russia, or I would blackberry messenger him to send me the next clue, he always made himself available and kept up with the blog postings immediately. I owe him a huge thank you for all of the work he does behind the scenes and vow that this summer I will try to get him on videos and in pictures more often…With that being said, congratulations to the following winners of Round 2. Remember, they get an ice cream sundae party for their entire bunk at camp as well as an exclusive spot on our Canadensis Today morning show that we will be filming at camp each morning for all of our family and friends who are NOT at camp and stuck back at home!

And the winners are:

Counselor Winner: Peter Tarnoff

Camper Winner: Oliver Harris