2011 has come to a close – we said goodbye to all our campers and staff nearly a week ago, and we miss everyone so much!  Since it is Friday, all of us who work for camp full time just blasted the Glee version of the song “Friday” throughout the office.  It reminds us of the way our Today Show producer, Jason “JCal” Calabretta used to play the song at Friday Morning Line Up, and the way we used to dance on the stage…don’t you just love camp traditions?

I’m still up at camp, and will stay up here until the end of Labor Day.  Luckily I have great company with Cara, Eric, Brian & Matt!  One of my favorite post-camp jobs is going through all the photos that Lauren “LMac” McGuire took this summer and put on the website for our families.  I’m creating a library of images that we’ll use throughout the winter, and when I finish, I’ll post some of the absolute best in the blog…there are a lot of choose from!  The photo above is another camp tradition…we wear our Color War team color, and spell out numbers of the year.  This will be turned into a poster, and given out at the reunion this winter, but this is a sneak peek!