Camp Tours

One of my favorite summer roles is showing new families around Canadensis – every time I give a tour to a family that is looking at sleepaway camps I feel like I get to see Canadensis for the first time!  I also get to meet a lot of great people by giving tours, and when the new kids start Canadensis I already have a connection with them.  One of the great things about being at camp through September is that we are still giving tours of our facility, and it’s not too late to set up a time to see Canadensis if you are still looking for summer camp in 2012.

The director of our Photography program at camp this summer was very talented, and he took some incredible shots of our facility that will be popping up on our website and media outlets in the next few months.  Below is a compilation of some of my favorite frames…and these facilities look even better when you come tour camp!