2014 Camp Canadensis Program Review

Woodshop The Woodworking program of summer 2014 at Camp Canadensis inspired campers to be creative and learn how to build and assemble woodworking projects. Campers learned about the different ways to cut wood and how to do so in a safe manner. They also learned other woodworking techniques and skills such as routing and sanding. Campers learned how to properly glue and assemble using a pneumatic nail gun.

The youngest campers in the woodworking program built woodworking projects from scratch such as yo-yo’s and boxes cut out of logs. The female campers built a jewelry box and the senior camp boys built a folding stool. Aside from our normal bunk projects we also had elective projects. For our middle camp elective, campers built a gumball machine made out of a mason jar and a wooden base. For our senior camp elective, campers were able to use their creativity and choose a project they wanted to build.

Safety was the number one factor in the woodworking program this year. We wanted to ensure that the campers would learn how to use all of the machines, but do so in a safe manner. Every time a camper would use a machine, he or she would be observed by a woodworking specialist to make sure they were doing so in the proper manner. When needed, the specialist would assist by guiding the camper’s hands while using the machine.

This summer’s woodworking program was very successful. The program was very safe and gave the campers an opportunity to learn how to use machines effectively and efficiently.

Jay Zeigler

2014 Woodworking Director





The Zumba program this summer was a hit! It was an elective that started out, even at staff orientation, to be exciting. Using the upbeat and popular songs that campers know from the radio proved to be a success because they enjoyed singing along while dancing and getting a good workout. The class ranged in the difficulty of dances from beginner to advanced to provide an array of dances for all levels and ages. Even though it was only originally opened up to middle and senior camp, it was wonderful to see the excitement of lower camp when opportunities to take class were provided.

It was great to get help from so many counselors and campers as the elective grew in popularity. CIT Lindsey Reiter and Lower Senior Robbie Copit became my “Zumba apprentices” and helped lead many of the classes, even creating a few dances and keeping the class lively

Camp Canadensis always finds the time to dance…every morning starts with a dance party! When campers heard the songs played at morning line-up or over the loud speaker, it was awesome to see them doing the moves as they sang along. This showed their true enjoyment in Zumba as they knew the moves and did them not only in class, but with their friends around camp as well.

As the instructor, it has been an amazing summer spent on the amphitheater providing a fun environment filled with dance and fitness. There was nothing better than having campers come up to me hoping to get in line first and get into the elective class again the following week.

I hope the popularity with Zumba continues into next summer when fresh and new ideas are brought for the campers. Thank you to the staff and campers for an incredible first summer at camp!

Nicole Desz

2014 Zumba Director



The mountain bike program this summer had many ups (and downhills of course). By the end of the summer all campers were enjoying getting out on the bikes whether we were exploring the trails or going for a road ride.

With endless miles of private trails to explore at camp, our elective campers loved getting out in the Canadensis woods! Bunks enjoyed the ride around camp and in the final week some were asking to venture back out onto the trails which was great. With small group electives, we had the opportunity to really teach the campers who showed interest in mountain bikes the finer skills and they were rewarded by rapidly increasing their skill level over just one summer.



2014 Mountain Biking Director




The Canadensis 2014 Baseball, Softball and CBL (Canadensis Baseball League) was an overall success this summer. I believe the word “can’t” should not be used by kids when it comes to learning aspects of the game. Some of the best times on the ball field this summer were with kids who used their free plays and rest hours to improve their game.

In the clinic periods, we introduced games that at first they were a little wary of. But by playing tee-ball, or softball, I was able to explain how it would help them level their swing and improve hand eye coordination – then they were ready for the challenge. I enjoyed seeing the kids that wanted to take their game to the next level; they understand that the process of becoming great is a lot more then just having fun. It’s about desire, determination and hard work.

The main goal for next summer is to keep the enjoyment of the baseball program going and also have a senior CBL. Thanks for all the staff for their help and support, you guys were a gem to work with. Most of all thanks to all the campers for making baseball such a great experience this summer!!!

Jean Dabady
2014 Baseball Director




We had an awesome summer at the Blue and Gold Pools this year! I was lucky to have great staff who are dedicated to keeping the campers safe and ensuring a fun and enjoyable time for everyone at the pool.
Our Juniors, Lower Inters and Upper Inters had a great time during swim instruction. All of the skills they learned in the first five weeks of the summer – freestyle, breastroke, backstroke, diving and underwater swimming – lead up to a new and exciting part of swim instruction for this year…the Amazing Race! The boys and girls from each division were divided into teams and competed in different events up and down the Blue Pool before a waterslide race to determine the ultimate winner!

The Pool Party elective was extremely popular with the Senior Camp this summer and with the addition of a loud speaker, music and lots of new inflatables to the Blue Pool, there was a real party atmosphere. Particularly on the hot days, it was great to see the campers in the pool enjoying the basketball hoops and just chilling out.

The three Evening Activity pool parties were a huge success this year! Seeing the Lower Camp, Middle Camp and Senior Camp enjoying a swim or a slide under the lights was a very cool experience and it was great to see the campers and counselors in the water and having an awesome time. Groovy tunes and a special treat delivered to the Pool certainly helped make for a fun night!

In addition to the Amazing Race, we also added another fun and exciting competition to the Blue Pool this summer – the 25 Yard Dash! Male and female campers from each division plus counselors and Head Staff competed (on a daily basis) to see who could swim one length of the Blue Pool in the quickest time. Even if the camper didn’t make it onto the leader board, their times were recorded and personal goals were achieved and best times broken every day. This competition really motivated campers of every age to get in the water and give it their best shot!

The swim program culminated in the fast-paced high intensity action of the Color War Swim Meet. I was extremely proud of everyone that competed and used their hard-earned skills from swim instruction to help lead their teams to victory.

All in all, the campers enjoyed a safe and fun experience at the Pool this summer! I hope that some of the new activities are continued on for many summers to come and that the Pool continues to grow as a popular place for everyone to enjoy at Camp!

Steph and the 2014 Pool Lifeguards

Swim 2