2014 Camp Canadensis Program Review

RopesThe ropes course and climbing wall is a popular spot with the campers! Bunks have the chance to conquer the elements in the ropes course, and the electives give everyone a chance to make it to the top of the many paths on the climbing wall. At free play campers would show up in big numbers and want to climb even more.

In addition to our regular course, we put fun twists to the elements. We put the chalk on top of the wall for visiting day so parents got to see their kids accomplish climbing to the top of the wall and tag a spot with their name. We also set up the Caterpillar, cargo net, and the tennis ball challenge. While sliding down the zipline towards the blue pool, campers would try to drop their tennis ball in a small bucket…and we had about 12 campers get it in!

A few campers who were either scared of heights or never did the ropes course ever overcame their fears. We worked with them to get comfortable climbing up the ladder as much as they choose, next time we would get them to climb higher, until finally they got to the platform and made their way around the course. Once accomplishing that, it was great to see them be the first campers to come running to the zip line!

Brittany Dvorscak

2014 Ropes Course Director




The summer 2014 Dance Program was a huge success. So many of our campers were able to enjoy dance this summer because of all the opportunities we had. One of the highlights of this summer’s program was our intercamp dance competition. The kids really proved their dedication during dance rehearsal and our group routine choreographed to “Stay With Me” took home 1st place in both competitions we attended.

Our elective periods were another huge success. The elective campers were able to learn full routines specified to their capabilities and level. Therefore even though all the electives were learning the same dance, it was unique to each class of dancers. Campers who still couldn’t get enough dance had the chance to participate in a full day dance workshop with Leigh Bednoff.

The bunk periods this summer became a true highlight of the day. In each bunk we worked on their MTV night routines. This not only allowed them to get our input as dance teachers, but also promoted bunk harmony. Their routines also became a lot more challenging because we were able to give them more difficult moves that they could work on and really impress the rest of camp. All the bunks were able to have outstanding MTV night dances that they’ll be able to share with their friends forever.

While this summer was amazing, it would not have been possible without an amazing team of staff behind me. Thanks for a great summer in the dance studio. See you in summer 2015!

It was amazing!

Liz Birnbaum
2014 Dance Director


Glass Fusion

Glass Fusion was not what we expected it to be this summer…it was so much more! The camper’s positive energy, enthusiasm, and creativity made the program a blast. Each camper began learning how to cut glass, and progressed to building sculptures, glass shoes, and much more.

Campers from all divisions were eager to experiment and use plants from the beautiful Canadensis landscape in their projects. They also melted down bottles, made wind chimes, and older campers used the flame torch to create beads and sculptures. Game boards, jewelry, and dishes were also made.

Campers were also enthused to work on projects that we created. For example building a mural out of glass that makes Stary Night and will hang in the glass room for years to come! Or, when we had down time working on a six foot tall sculpture made out of recycled styrofoam.

Creativity and ideas were expanded this summer and the campers created amazing work.

Emily Schmeichel & Kate Farneth
2014 Glass Fusion Directors




The Wrestling program this year was very successful. Working, designing, structuring and executing a wrestling program and delivering sessions was very rewarding. As an elective, all the campers I met with had chosen it as one of their activities. Watching some kids start not know anything and to finish winning matches against some of the kids that have wrestled before is awesome.

Although most campers do not plan to wrestle at high levels, they still learned lots of valuable life lessons they can relate to the real world. When they lost a match, I told them to keep their chin up because no-one else is going to do it for them. When they won, I told them to stay humble.

The kids have had lots of fun wrestling this year and I hope you enjoyed getting in the ring with me!

Dave Jones
2014 Wrestling Director




Gymnastics at Canadensis 2014 was always jammed packed and full of fun!! It was really fun being back in the gym again, and joined by the great additions of Kathryn and Kasey. We also had a few other staff come in and help us out when we needed extra hands, it was much appreciated and helped us keep the classes running so smoothly.

We started out the first 2 weeks learning all 4 apparatus: vault, bars, beam, floor. Then we moved into a more flexible time in the gym. When the campers came in we would play some games to warm up, have a stretch and discuss what they wanted to work on/ learn that session. It was lots of fun that way, spotting bars one minute to teaching limbers and walkovers then over to the foam pit for free time or more games!! We even spent time making up short floor routines, where the campers could be as creative as they liked by adapting the routine for their personal skill level, then performing them each for one another.

Our foam pit elective was as fun and full as ever, and full of flips! Our lower camp elective was great – we learned skills on all apparatus in the gym, as with our middle camp elective! Some mastering jumping from bar to bar, or learning a cartwheel for the first time.

The “elite” gymnasts at camp would work in small groups during free play. These campers wanted more time to train their skills and strength. We also had a fun 1 hour session with CIT Zaslow, teaching the campers some basic parkour skills and moves. The kids had lots of fun learning this whole new activity at camp.

Overall it was a really productive, fun filled and safe time in the gym this year!! The kids really enjoyed starting and even achieving their goals. A few of which were front flips off the tramp or beam, walkovers/limbers on floor and different skills on bars being the highlights.

Never give up, it’s all about practice!!

Jackie Page
2014 Gymnastics Director

Gymnastics 2