2014 Camp Canadensis Program Review

SoccerThe soccer program has been very successful this year at Canadensis, with a strong specialist team of Jack Barnes, Remi White and Karlie Henning, in addition to solid contributions from other staff.

The programs success has been highlighted through the introduction of camps first ever Canadensis Soccer League (CSL), eventually won by ‘The Summer Of Roessler’ team. CSL was a great opportunity for lower and middle camp boys and girls to showcase skills learned through clinic and elective sessions. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the league and the competitive nature created. The team coaches contributed massively to the success of the league, donating their time, support, effort and enthusiasm. This was an enjoyable event for not only those taking part, but also those who attended in support. Certain individuals (Jake Brownstein), also found satisfaction in the form of being a ‘water boy’, bringing humor, chants and enthusiasm each week.

During the soccer clinics, we ran drills and sessions targeting enjoyment rather than skill enhancement. We also had a great intensive soccer clinic for those truly dedicated to the sport. Next year the program will aim to run even more elite sessions during free play for those who wish to further develop skills within the sport.

Thanks to all campers and staff who have contributed, supported and participated in the program this summer making it the success it has. See you next summer!

Jack Barnes

2014 Soccer Director




The Camp Canadensis Painting program was new this year, and got off to a great start in 2014! We began by experimenting with the 3 primary colors to make different shades of the secondary colors. We did a variety of free-painting activities. We started on regular paper and the campers got a feel for how both acrylic and watercolor paint works. They especially enjoyed using rubber cement on colored paper to make parts of the paper resist the watercolor. Then I got some large scraps from the wood shop to paint. Many campers made name plates and others made pictures or abstract designs. Free-painting was a calm and relaxing time for the campers to express their creativity.

We used mixed-media, including magazines and the kids copied pictures of their favorite celebrities. This was fun preparation for landscape painting as they practiced observational drawing skills and small detail brush technique.

For the last couple weeks of camp, we all sat outside and painted pictures of the lake from a few different angles. The campers enjoyed the fresh air and were really proud of their finished paintings. I look forward to seeing what we create in summer 2015!

Shira Greenfield

2014 Painting Director




I believe that the cheerleading program this summer was a great success. We started off very small but by the end of the summer the junior/lower inter session was completely full! It was so exciting to see so many different types of kids coming to the cheerleading elective. Many kept coming back each week.

We would usually start off the session with warming up. We would do jumping jacks or play games that got the kids moving first. We would then stretch, and cover the basics. We did everything from learning jumps, tumbling, and motions to learning cheers and stunting.

There was also a large group of boys who joined and we mainly focused on tumbling with them. They started off with basic forward rolls to learning how to do standing tucks into the foam pit! It was so exciting to see these kids grow skills over just a short time.

The girls group was doing stunts that are more difficult but they were really getting them done! Hopefully next summer the cheerleading elective will be able to perform in front of the whole camp! I hope the elective continues to grow in the future.


Carla Centanni

2014 Cheerleading Director



Summer 2014 aerobics was a fun time for Freshman through CIT girls. We discussed healthy lifestyles and many ways to remain active throughout the rest of summer and the school year.

The aerobics elective classes were where I saw the most enthusiastic campers enjoy being active. We enjoyed running and walking the lake trail and around camp, and playing various games with a cardio twist (like screaming toes, where if you make eye contact w/ another person you run around baseball bases, or up and down the amphitheater, etc.) I also made a game on a Kleenex-box sized cube, where each side had a different activity on it (25 jumping jacks, lunges, burpees, etc.) and we would each take turns rolling it.

No matter what, we stayed active by walking around camp and doing ab circuits, and we would rotate the activity by letting campers choose! Overall, the girls had a really fun time staying active this summer!

Corey Holloway

2014 Aerobics Director




Although summer 2014 was a bit chilly at Canadensis this year, the Lake has still been a very popular and busy area at camp! The Lake had a big addition this summer with the arrival of the custom-made Ice Mountain climbing wall and slide. The new Ice Mountain has definitely been a big attraction for all campers (and counselors!).

Having the new Ice Mountain also meant we could use the “Summit” closer to shore which added an extra fun and exciting element to our Lake Parties. The Lake Parties really took off this summer as a popular evening activity. Each age group enjoyed taking over the whole lake and being able to ride the banana boat and have fun on the Summit, Water Tramp, Water Mat and kayaks. The onshore entertainment was also a hit with music and an icy treat delivered to top off the night – a perfect way to end the day at Canadensis.

Lake Ski

The water skiing program was the strongest I have seen in my years at Canadensis. The instructors had a real passion for teaching. As a result, a lot of the campers progressed from the bar to the rope with many more trying slalom ski, wakeboarding and the trick ski!

As usual, the lakefront electives were very popular this summer. In particular, the sailing elective saw our campers learning more advanced sailing skills such as boat handling, reading the wind and even sessions on capsizing and re-righting the boats.

Lake KayakThe Lake Rec and Lake Instruction periods were also a lot of fun this year. We had some new kayaks which the campers were always racing to get to first and we also introduced stand-up paddle boarding which was hugely successful and something I hope to see grow into its own elective in the years to come!

Overall, we had a safe and enjoyable summer at Lake Lenape in 2014!

Lachie and the 2014 Lake Crew

Lake Staff