2014 Camp Canadensis Program Review

ArcheryThis year’s archery program was very exciting with massive free play groups and smaller elective groups throughout the season, this allowed for more one on one time with campers and for staff to take a direct interest in each campers progress. When the program was opened many campers were un-able to achieve the results they had hoped for but after one or two sessions I saw a great improvement in the average skill level so I encouraged each camper to set small goals during each period and make small steps toward becoming a better archer. For some campers this was simply to hit the target and for others they wanted me to coach them towards hitting six out of six arrows on a nominated point.

Now at the end of the season I am happy to say that each camper has made excellent progress towards their goal and a great majority have been very successful during the program. I am proud of what the program has achieved this year and I hope it continues to inspire the campers to strive for excellence.

Best of luck!

Gary Duncan

2014 Archery Director



This summer was amazing!  I feel like me and my crew were able to teach the kids more and more than they ever knew about ceramics before.  Kids came into camp with very little technical knowledge about the wheel, firing process, and glazing techniques.  Through the bunk activities where we got to work with hand building and slab…and the wheel throwing electives, each child had many different ways to create with clay!

I made it a goal that every one of my students left with a finished piece, and if they were in the wheel class a finished piece they could eat out of.  I also created a very popular Morning Line Up game called “Mug Shot Monday” where campers could test their ceramics trivia and win a mug made at camp!

We packed the elective and made ceramics again one of the most popular classes in camp! I will miss all the kids and their creative minds.

Luke Hulling

2014 Ceramics Director

Ceramics 2



As a camper who grew up learning to ride at Canadensis, I could not have been happier with the Honda program for 2014. The team of Nick Throup, Andy Yeo, Liam Botkin and Jamie Saunders, along with myself, have taken this program to new heights. Our goal was to get the campers in the woods, on the trails. With the help of the aforementioned team, we more than accomplished that goal. We accomplished the ultimate “pay-off!!!!” The “OMG” moment when a camper said “I can’t believe I just did that!” There is no bigger reward for a director or a counselor, then to watch a camper accomplish a feat that they did not feel possible.

We provided a program, where safety and skills were taught. Campers did not just learning to operate a motorcycle, but how to ride one, under control and within each individual camper’s “box.” We then pushed, a little at a time, to get the camper comfortably out of that box to experience what can be done with a little focus, respect for the machine and effort.

We began with each camper on the grass of the lake field. Whether a veteran or rookie, everyone started the same way…with the basics! We built on those skills, provided clinics during free play and developed riders. We ran a program that reached a 100% injury free year, with most eligible campers riding in the woods at a pace that was comfortable, yet challenging enough to let them know they were riding.

We had huge successes over the summer! Taking campers that has never been on a motorcycle (and were very scared to try) from learning basics of throttle control and braking, to riding trails and eventually learning to ride an 80 (clutch motorcycle). Campers who never liked to get dirty, ended up splashing around in a huge mud puddles with big smiles on their face!!!! Can it get any better????

For 2015, I envision even greater things for the Honda Program. The report that I’ve established this summer with my staff has shown to me that with a little respect and understanding, people will work harder, have more fun and hence be better suited for the position at hand.

I can’t wait for 2015!!!!!

Jeff Ufberg
2014 Hondas and Quads Director




The Golf program for Camp Canadensis 2014 was absolutely brilliant both up at the in-camp driving range and on the 3 golf trips to the local golf course, Buck Hill Country Club.

On camp we had a wide range of boys and girls signing up for the elective to improve their swing and their ball hitting as well as a huge number of first time players looking for an insight to golf. With most campers it was back to basics focusing on grip, stance, ball position and swing fundamentals and with others we looked at ball flight and club selection.

The out of camp trips were a huge success with a dozen campers attending. We played a number of holes as well as took lessons with the in house professional. The boys who were on the trip showed serious improvement in their games and the course offered many additional challenges such as bunkers, greens and water hazards in which the campers could improve their skills even further.

This year has been truly enjoyable and I hope the campers enjoyed it as much as I have! I hope 2015 is just as prosperous!

Phil Weatherston

2014 Golf Director



The weight lifting program of 2014 summer at Camp Canadensis was in a brand new space, and was based on the basic fundamentals of weight lifting and training. We went to the basics in order to ensure proper form was kept constant when going through the different phases of each exercise. Weight lifting can be a dangerous activity when it’s done improperly, so much of the program was predicated on form and safety. Once proper form was reached, the campers were allowed to move to more complex exercises such as the back squat or deadlift. Many of our campers quickly improved their strength, muscular endurance/power output, flexibility and overall health as they continued through the summer.

We covered the entire muscular system in our program but much of the focus went towards proper technique during olympic style movements, as well as core stability and strength. Some of our campers were extremely interested getting involved in the weights program and saw their performances increase as the summer went along. I am happy to say that these individuals have a better understanding of how/what to do when lifting weights, and are closer to their fitness goals.

Overrall, the Weights Program was a success for those who were involved. I look forward to seeing how the kids apply the gains they made in the weight room to their respective sport.

Tyler Curtis

2014 Weight and Conditioning Director

School of Health Science and Human Performances, Ithaca College