35 Days!

Hi Everyone! It’s been a busy few weeks here in the winter office and it just keeps going! I cannot believe I’ll be living up at camp so soon, it’s only about a month away!

I’ve been doing LOTS of spring cleaning in my room, trying to decide what I’ll be bringing with me to camp and what will stay behind in my closet at home. I have all my camp shirts clean and folded and ready to be moved right into my cubbies, and I climbed through boxes in our shed to find my other camp essentials; my fan, duffles, plastic drawers, you know the drill! I’m also in the market for a very large Zac Efron poster for over my bed, so if anyone has any suggestions as to where I should search for such things, please let me know 😉

Last Wednesday I got to spend some time with JC Becky Jacobson as we shared a delicious lunch of coffees, cookies, and hot fries, eating our last taste of bread for the week! Then I picked up my sister from school and we hopped on the train to New York City. After passover dinner we saw Guys and Dolls on Broadway, and it was amazing!

Over the long Spring Break weekend I spent lots of time at home but I also made sure to visit with some friends! JC Rebecca Waxman joined my sister and I for a full evening of shopping, dinner, and a movie, and it was a great time! Of course, it’s not easy to go out to dinner during passover, but together we managed, and even got to experience some new things we might never have tried before,  especially  the Goblet of Fresh Strawberries!

This week I’ve got a few last interviews for counselor positions, but (scary as it may seem) the staff is pretty much hired and ready for camp! I love browsing the staff message board and seeing how excited everyone is for the season to arrive! Some of our new counselors have some crazy talents and amazing ideas for new games, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with for activities this summer!

I’ve got lots to do in the next few days and on Thursday morning I’ll be hopping on a plane at JFK and heading to Burlington, Vermont for a weekend with my sorority sisters. There’s going to be so much to do, so many people to see, that I’ll be there until Sunday night! We have a hotel room booked down by the lake, and I’m looking forward to lots of shopping and relaxing!

I guess that’s it for now. I hope everyone is having a great passover! We’ve been really into making some crazy matzoh creations this year, so if you have any good ones please pass them along!