Water is On!

Hey Blogland! Sorry for the lack of postings this past week, but I took a few days off for the Passover Holiday. Long seders at the Forti household, but it was nice to be with my extended family! Things at work are absolutely hectic right now. Of course it is to be expected as camp for me is literally just around the corner- 7 days to be exact.

Yesterday (Sunday), Brian Krug, Programming Director Roy Faden, and I met the entire day to discuss the schedules for this coming summer. We made some changes, including a new Senior Choice period (more details to follow, but I promise you it’s exciting) as well as more availability in cooking, amongst other enhancements. I got to see the Fadens and the Jacobsons before they headed out to the movies, which was a nice surprise! They are doing well and are so excited for camp.

Updates on the water around camp- Senior Side and Freshman Hill have water! All of the hot water heaters in those cabins are lit, the water is flowing, and any cracked pipes have been fixed. It has been quite a challenge this year due to temperatures over night falling below freezing, which can cause the pipes to freeze. Hopefully it will warm up the next few days so we can turn on the kitchen and lower boys camp. Actually, a few cabins in lower boys camp are already on as well because believe it or not the water for 3 lower boys bunks comes from Senior side underneath the lake! At camp, we have well water and there are wells spread throughout camp. The main well comes from near the Art Center/Low Ropes area and that feeds the majority of camp. There is also a well in the parking lot, near the girls CIT cabin, Senior Boys side, and underneath my house on freshman hill! For some reason, the well on Senior side has a pipe running underneath the lake in order to feed lower boys 3 cabins. The rest of the water comes from the main well that I mentioned before.

Too much information? Well its GREAT trivia to use for the “Panel of Experts” at lineup one morning when I am not there! Make sure Matt Unger and I are NOT there and ask a question about the wells or water lines…my guess is that the “experts” made up of the groupleaders/head counselors will laugh and look at you like you have 10 heads- go ahead and try it!

Otherwise, things are shaping up nicely at camp. The pools will be drained soon, cleaned from the winter, painted and filled with fresh water. The leaves have already been raked from the grove, main office, and dining hall areas, but a lot more raking needs to be done! The kitchen staff arrive at camp on Monday, April 27 to begin cleaning the dining hall and reopening it as we welcome our first group and CITs that very next weekend.

A lot to do, but it will all get done and summer will be here before we know it!

P.S.- Will Armon jumped out of a plane this past weekend skydiving and lives to tell about it! Enjoy the picture…