It's Always Snowy in Philadelphia

Hi Family!

Sorry for the lack of updating, it’s been a hectic week! I’m trying to get counselors interviewed and set before I leave for a TWO WEEK trip to meet and interview more staff! I’m leaving Sunday morning, and I won’t be home until Friday the 20th! I’ll be flying out of Philadelphia and starting the trek in Michigan. I’ll go from Western Mich, to Central Mich, to Eastern Mich, to Bowling Green, to Ohio all in a week! Then I’ll spend that weekend in the Pittsburgh area, and start out the next Monday at Slippery Rock. After that I’ll make my way to West Virginia, Shippensburg, Maryland, and Delaware. So counselors, if I’m going to be at your school, I expect phone calls and text messages so we can get together!

Today the office is bustling, Matt and I watched the new reunion 411 video a few times, because it was just that awesome! Now I’m getting a bunch of contracts ready to go out to new counselors! I’ve only got one staff interview this afternoon, which is nice, because sometimes I have 4 or 5 in a day! And while I really like to talk (you know it!) sometimes all that talking is tiring by the end of the day! I’m also trying to work around schedules of counselors from all over the country, so sometimes I end up in my room at night, interviewing a counselor who just got out of class in California. It’s wild, but I really like talking to people about camp, telling camp stories, and so on… I feel as though you can all relate 😉

We got lots of snow last night and the view from my window this morning was lovely. Not quite as lovely as the view from my bedroom in Vermont, but I’m really enjoying this Pennsylvania winter, rather than the ice covered tundra that is New England. The good news is that with this much snow, conditions will be perfect for a day of Canadensis sledding when I return!

Think I’m kidding?
I’ve got snow pants ready for the occasion!

Anyways, I must get back to trip preparations and setting up interviews with students at the schools I’m visiting. I recommend everyone watch the new 411, it’s seriously one of my favorite 411’s EVER… my all time favorite 411 is the “Tips from the Top” 411 we made with Aunt Terri and Shark at the Candy Store… most hilarious day of my summer!

Alright camp fam, stay warm, and keep checking back for more!