Where in the World is Eric Forti-Brisbane Day 1

One country down and flights to another!

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G’day all from Australia this time. Yesterday morning we boarded a flight from Christchurch, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane is a city in Queensland and is a 15 hour time difference from New York. Brisbane is much warmer, and we are experiencing temperatures in the 90’s and possibly 100’s here.

Our 4.5 flight from Christchurch took us via Auckland to Brisbane and we were met at the airport by our CCUSA agent. Checked in to the beautiful Hilton hotel and went immediately out to dinner. They planned dinner at a restaurant with outdoor patio seating that overlooked the Brisbane River in an area called Southbank. There is a new attraction since last year when I was here, and that’s a giant Ferris wheel, called the Brisbane Eye (similar to the London Eye). Dinner was chicken/steak and a great chocolate cake/mousse for dessert.

This morning, the group headed out to a Koala Sanctuary, where they had Koalas, Kangaroos, and a few of the other Australian species. I took a picture holding a Koala as well as made a very special video for all of you to see, so I hope you enjoyed the welcome to Brisbane video with my Koala Crumpet! Of course I am not a huge animal lover, so I was a little scared of the kangaroos, which I must say look very similar to deer when lying down, and are not really the cute kangaroo cartoons we saw growing up!

After the animals, we boarded a city ferry called the CityCat and headed back to town for a quick lunch. Now it’s time for me to go and hire some incredible staff with the help of Jim and Kevin Price- a blast from the past! I will be headed out to dinner with those guys afterwards and then tomorrow it’s time for a 2 hour flight to another Australian city.  Enjoy the clue!

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