What a Week….41 days till camp!

Brrrr, it’s cold outside- wasn’t that the start to a color war cheer for Blizzard Blue? Well tonight, we are expecting 30 degrees Fahrenheit (yes that’s below freezing) and it is ridiculously cold as I type this. Fortunately, the office and my cabin is heated, but the school teachers who are here preparing for the students arrival tomorrow aren’t as lucky!

This past week has been crazzyyy, but in a good way. Last Monday through Wednesday, a middle school Gold Team (the high achievers/athletes) was here with about 90 students and teachers. On Wednesday they went whitewater rafting (in wet suits of course), while we welcomed a school of 450 from the Philly area. The hours were insane- breakfast at 7AM and bedtime for me and Matt was well after 11PM. We were busy working on a food order for the week and other things.

We also had more staff members arrive- Chris Kemp and Alex Dean (both are Hondas instructors from last summer) and tonight a new staff member will be joining our team! We now have a team of 16 counselors and 7 kitchen staff running the entire camp. From maintenance to running activities to cleaning cabins in camp, its organized chaos!

This past weekend, we welcomed our largest weekend ever! Over 650 people were here. Twice a year, Aunt Terri donates our facility to the Special Olympic Athletes in the Philadelphia Suburb areas. They brought up about 100 young adults who had an absolute blast. From playing beach volleyball, hiking around the lake, climbing the wall, boating in our lake, and doing arts and crafts to watching a movie and having a prince and princess ball in the Senior Rec Hall in the evenings, they were so excited to be here. In addition to Special Olympics, we hosted a Girl Scout Troop from NJ and two YMCA groups as well. We used every cabin in camp and it was busy! All had a good time, despite the high winds and rain last night.

Speaking of last night, I was invited to a camper’s Bar Mitzvah- Matt Faden (Mazel Tov Matt)! It was a great party and I got to see many of camp’s head staff members. A great time was had by all, including myself, but the midnight – 2AM drive back to camp certainly wasn’t the highlight of my weekend! This morning, I was up at 730AM for breakfast, so I am quite tired as you can imagine. See the pictures below from the party!



Another great photo- Head Counselor Ken Ricken with CIT Harris Goodison

I hope you all understand that I have to go and finish a few things, but I will try to post more often now that camp is truly right around the corner.  I will have a video 411 soon as well, as requested by some of the campers I saw at Matt’s Bar Mitzvah (Goodman, Small Fry, J Mitch) just to name a few!

However, first I have a really special video for all of you to watch. Please click below for a really special treat with more details about the upcoming CANADENSIS TODAY Show!

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