Hi Camp, Hi!

I’ve officially arrived at camp for the summer!

At this point, you’d never believe this was a summer camp, I’d be more easily convinced that we’re a winter ski resort- IT’S SO COLD! I got to camp Sunday around 2 in the afternoon, and luckily Eric Forti and Matt Unger had already turned on the heater in my house. I unloaded my car and began the long long process of unpacking. I’m still not completely unpacked, but I figure I’ve got a few weeks until you all arrive…

It was great arriving at dinner to three tables full of pre-camp counselors, many of whom are returning from summer 2008. We had a fun dinner together and then everyone headed to the office courts for some basketball. The guys (and Bridget!) played a great game and I had tons of fun catching up with friends on the bleachers. When the game was over everyone went off to shower and get ready for an evening out, and I went back to my cabin for some more unpacking. I made some significant progress and then decided to start watching “The Parent Trap” while I was waiting for Tony, the newest addition to our pre-camp staff, to arrive at camp. Once he was here and settled in I made a quick stop in the dining hall for late night coffee and then snuggled up with my million blankets to watch “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.

When I woke this morning it was only slightly warmer than yesterday, but I hear there’s warmer weather on the way. A pre-camp group was arriving as I made my way to the office, where I’ve set up my desk for the summer. Now I’m here in the office with Rita taking calls and working on summer schedules all while enjoying being back in the 18325.

I really can’t wait for this month to fly by! Before we know it summer will be here and we’ll be running around camp as if the past 10 months were just a blur. Until then, you can enjoy one of the songs I have been playing on repeat, an original from our own camp musical genius Steve Scott:

And for all of you out there who are as addicted to “Gossip Girl” as I am, I hope you enjoy tonight’s season finale! I’m hoping for a Chuck and Blair reunion, how about you?!?!?!?!

xoxo, Cara.