Activity Directors


Batters Up! Keeping our fields moving this summer is DAVE FREEMAN, who is back for his fifth summer. Dave plans on teaching fundamentals to the younger campers while challenging the older boys and girls to improve in areas such as, batting, fielding and throwing. “Increasing camper participation, helping campers build confidence and improving their self esteem, while getting them to understand the importance of coop- eration, teamwork and sportsmanship through baseball and softball,” are very important to Dave. Campers can expect to have a great time on the fields with Dave. Back for his second summer is AUSTIN CROMARTIE who will be heading up our soccer program. Austin is exited to be working with the “world’s best staff, seeing familiar faces, and meeting new ones” this summer. “A high level of energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement for your campers each and everyday” Austin promises to all.  ARUP DUTT, a USPTA Certified Level 1 Pro, and his staff will be joining the Canadensis Family in Summer ‘10 to significantly bolster our already successful tennis program. Arup was on the professional tennis circuit until 1990 and now manages and conducts several tennis clubs in South Florida. With strong teaching experience in several tennis academies all over the United States, Arup and his staff will be in charge of all bunk lessons, private lessons and our Professional Tennis Academy (formerly known as Competitive Edge). Private Tennis Lessons will now go from ½ hour lessons to a full activity period (50 minutes) and will be available in packages of 8, 16 or 24 lessons for the summer. The Professional Tennis Academy (6 days a week, 2 hours a day) will be upgraded with additional instructors as well.

Pool and Lake

Our Waterfront and pools will be both fun and safe in 2010 as we are excited to announce our team of professionals in charge of theses areas. Keeping the pools safe and fun this summer is ERIC ROSENAUER who can’t wait to return to the Canadensis family. Eric promises to “create a pool environment that is both fun and educational” this summer. Campers can expect to learn advanced knowledge of safe and competitive swimming as well as basic stroke techniques. PETE LINDE is looking forward to “meeting lots of new people and see them having fun on the lake” this summer as our new Lake Director. “I love water related sports and hopefully I can pass on this enjoyment to others while they are at camp,” says Pete. Pete is hoping to teach lots of different water activity skills to enable campers to feel confident on the water. “We’ll provide a safe environment for campers to learn these skills and hopefully have a laugh with them along the way.”


We are proud to introduce our team of talented and skilled outdoors staff. Back for his 6th summer is HOWARD WAXMAN, our Honda and Go-Karting director. Howard’s main goal is “SAFETY.” Our older campers will continue to learn clutch bike riding while our younger campers will learn the basics. “The campers will enjoy quality instruction with many initiatives being satisfied before the rider gets to challenge their skills by riding one of our many trails.” Parents can continue to expect a long tradition of quality instruction as well as “safety being emphasized at all times throughout the summer.” “Making sure the kids challenge themselves to do things they didn’t do last summer or ever before,” is High Ropes & Climbing Wall Director LUKE HOLTEN’s main goal this summer. One of his main goals is to raise awareness of the campers surrounding and to help conquer fears and build confidence in the campers. “The kids will be safe and secure every minute they’re at the high ropes and wall,” says Luke who can’t wait for the summer to begin. ANDREW ROWAN can’t wait to join the Canadensis Family this summer as our Mountain Bikes director. “I will be someone your campers will respect and admire; leading them in participating, sharing and enjoying the benefits of outdoor activities.” Every camper will learn something from “me this summer, guaranteed,” says Andrew. We are excited to welcome Andrew to the team. “I can’t wait to see the spirit of camp and the beauty of it’s surroundings, I keep reading all these amazing things about the place and the great children and staff that are all apart of it,“ says JULIE HERBISON, our new Horseback Riding director. Everyone can expect, “a fun filled and structured program full of hands on experiences and challenges, but ultimately action packed and rewarding time for all.” We are excited to welcome Julie to the team.

The Arts

The Art Shack will most certainly be a place filled with creativity, uniqueness and excitement with the return of KERI BERNSTEIN. Keri returns for her fifth summer in the Art Center. Kerri is in charge of all things art from our Arts and Crafts, Sewing to Glass Fusion. Campers can expect to “enjoy learning new crafts, make wonderful projects and have a blast!” This year the art shack is going to be filled with lots of new and exciting projects. “We will be making recycled art, glass beads, jewelry, gumball machines, and so much more Kerri will be joined once again by her three children. GARRETT FULLER can’t wait to arrive at camp and start snapping pictures as our new Photography director. “I hope to inspire and create a memorable experience for campers in a setting where they can feel free to let their inner most creative natures loose.” Garrett can’t wait to pass on his love for photography to the campers, in the hopes that they may one day inspire others. “Whether you carry a camera with you wherever you go, or you have never picked up a camera in your life, you will fit right in.” Back for his second summer is Woodworking director, JAMES RICHARDSON. Parents can expect their children to have a more ‘hands on’ experience in the woodshop, learning new skills that can be useful throughout life. They can expect a project that the kids will use, and that was actually made by thier children. “Campers can expect to really get a ‘hands on’ project for woodshop. They will get to have input into the design and will get to use many of the tools.” James can’t wait to get in the woodshop and welcome the campers back to their summer home. Back for her THIRTY-NIGHTH summer is Canadensis favorite, JOJO HOFFERMAN who will be back in the Kitchen all summer long. “One of our biggest goals for the summer is for campers to learn lots of recipes from appetizers to desserts and be able to make at home what they learn at camp,” she says. Campers can expect fun and delicious food with an emphasis on cooperation with others. “Campers will learn that the set up and clean up of the cooking rooms is just as important as making and eating the food.” The cooking rooms will smelling better than ever this year with all the new recipes and fun planned!

Performing Arts

This summer we are proud to announce that the Canadensis Theater Department will put on are Oliver and Intro the Woods. LORI MANNETTE will head up our theater department and bring her love for theater with her to camp. “I’m most looking forward to rehearsals, of course, because nothing makes me happier than being in a theater. I am very excited to bring 2 shows to the camp that haven’t been done here before, and hopefully integrate everyone into the world of song and dance.” Campers can expect to thoroughly enjoy every second they spend in the theater this summer. “Ideally, I’d love to see every camper become involved in the theater somehow. That’s a lot of people, but there’s room for everyone!” says Lori.