Entertainment for your Sunday afternoon

Hey All,

The weather has broken and FINALLY the sun came out! Not sure for how long, but it’s out. This weekend we had an orientation session for some of our staff members who won’t be able to attend our regular orientation due to high school graduation, proms, etc. Will did a terrific job working with them on Saturday and Sunday and it was great to see energized counselors who are excited for the coming summer!

This afternoon, Will, Sam, and I cleaned out the Head Counselors office. From vacuuming the light fixtures to cleaning the windows, we did it all and now it’s ready for summer time! Our head staff/groupleaders arrive this coming Wednesday night for orientation and then we are in full swing by the weekend. I am really excited as this is the start of a great 8 weeks.

Time to go to dinner, but for now enjoy the entertainment provided by Cara Corradetti. Thanks Cara!

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