Am I turning in to Brian?

We all know Brian has a certain affinity for concerts; I think I’ve taken a page out of his book and started a little trend of my own. October has been concert month among my friends and I, and it’s been a lot of fun! It started with Vanessa Carlton and Matt Nathanson the first week of the month, and this week I’ve added two more ticket stubs to my collection. Monday night we had a table at World Cafe Live for the Kate Voegele concert (you may know her from One Tree Hill), and last night we saw the Indigo Girls at the Keswick Theatre!

The Indigo Girls may be one of my all time favorite concerts, primarily because we were obsessed with their songs when I was a camper; they’re perfect for around a campfire! With me at the concert were two of my campiest friends- Kate (yes, as in super theatre director 2011!) and Cayla, who spent her whole life going to sleepaway camp. At the end of the encore they played “Closer to Fine” and everyone was on their feet singing along. I taught the song to CITs 2008; maybe it’ll make a comeback this year…

Next week I’ll be making Krug extra jealous as I watch Hanson play in Philly! They’re letting fans vote for which album they should play, and right now Middle of Nowhere is winning! That means I’ll be mmmmmmbopping all night long! For those of you who don’t already know (or haven’t already seen the behind the scene videos) Brian loves to rock out to Hanson in the summer office.

I’m getting so excited to see camp friends this weekend at Mike and Alyssa’s wedding! I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures 😉

Indigo Girls!