Ann Arbor to Athens

Hey hey hey! The last few days have been so busy, I’ve hardly had time to breathe, let alone blog! I’m currently sitting in my hotel room in Pittsburgh and I plan on making my way into the city for the day, so I figure I’ll blog about the last few days now, and then post a grand pittsburgh entry later!

We started interviews at Central Michigan University bright and early Tuesday morning, and met so many great people! After CMU we headed out of town and off to Ann Arbor to meet with one of the counselors who will be working at the lake this summer. She met Brian and I for dinner at a great little restaurant near the University of Michigan and we got to talk about camp and color war and all the exciting things she can expect this summer! After the most delicious macaroni and cheese we’ve ever had, Brian and I made a quick stop at the Alpha Delta Pi house at U Mich, that’s a chapter of my sorority, and I got to say hi and take a picture outside. I was really excited!

So the next morning we held interviews at Eastern Michigan University and met some more great applicants. We even got a visit from Nikki Campbell! After EMU we headed off to Ohio to interview at Bowling Green and Ohio University. At BGSU we got to spend time with Shawn Bally and Bridget Haley, and Bridget’s friend Allison who will be a new counselor this year! We had the coolest breadsticks for lunch (we explain in an upcoming video…) and when we arrived at Ohio U we were greeted by a very enthusiastic Martha Archer!

Martha took us to the coolest mexican restaurant, Casa Nueva, and I tried my very first Chimichanga! We enjoyed some delicious desserts, and decided to meet up the next morning, Friday morning, for Martha to show us the campus and downtown sights! Martha took us to try the best coffee, showed us the most beautiful buildings, and even took me to a Greek Shop that sold sorority clothes and accessories. I was pretty much in heaven and bought tons of cool ADPi stuff.

After lunch at a sweet diner, we said goodbye to Martha (she tried to hide in the trunk!) and headed out to Pittsburgh! Last night we went into the city and picked up Elana Sharir and Ethan Cohen along the way! We had dinner at Six Penn, which was so delicious! Elana and I were huge fans of the cauliflower appetizer, and we both had the buffalo chicken mac ‘n cheese for dinner, which was oh-so-spicy but oh-so-good!

So now I’m in my hotel in Pittsburgh and hopefully I’ll be seeing some more camp friends later today! I hope you’re all keeping up with the blog, and I plan to have some cool videos and pictures uploaded as soon as possible!