Where in the World is Eric Forti: Stop-Over in Korea- self cleaning toilet??

Just when I thought I would have nothing else to blog about, OY VEY!

So I am in South Korea (again!) on a 6 hour layover. Last night, I left Hong Kong at 12:40AM and arrived here around 5 AM. With the time difference taken into account, I only slept 2 hours. So I am bored as could be sitting in the lounge. Actually, I am doing work on a Sunday at 5:30AM, but that’s irrelevant. I have to go to the bathroom, should be an easy task.

Walk into the bathroom stall (I will keep this clean, no worries) and the first toilet has a super fancy electronic remote attached to it. So I look at it closer and the first one says wash, then dry, then warm. So, I am thinking OK it will clean the toilet seat for me, then dry it, then warm it up. Cool. So I press wash and all of the sudden a jet SHOOTS WATER AT ME! It doesn’t just sprinkle a little. Nope, a jet pops out from the bowl and a STREAM OF WATER starts attacking me. Actually it had so much force, I think it was stronger than the white water rafting current we go to with camp! I am actually laughing out loud right now as I type this.

So I guess the purpose of these features is not to clean the seat, but to clean YOU. Luckily there were 2 other toilets to choose from, and they were normal, without these settings. Thanks for the offer to clean me, but no thanks. And I will leave that at that!

I am sitting here soaking wet and decided I MUST take a pic for all of you to see. So, there is a pic of the fancy toilet seat and then one of me in the mirror. See if you can tell my shirt is SOAKING WET. I am walking around the airport lounge with a wet stripe up and down my shirt and pants. How embarrassing.



P.S.- The toilet’s name is LooLoo. If I ever meet a Lulu again, I may look at her different from now on! Wish me better luck at my next destination…