“Annie the Dog” and I took a trip up to Camp Canadensis this weekend, and we both had a great time, but Annie was especially happy to be back in her summer home!  As soon as we turned on to the camp road, she literally started doing flips in the front seat, and couldn’t wait to get out of the car so she could spend some time with her camp friends (the chipmunks and squirrels of course!).  So, I just wanted to post these two pictures real fast…remember to submit your “Annie the Dog” rhymes – they will be collected and used in the “Annie the Dog” music video this summer!

Annie the Dog, shaped like the letter “C”…Annie the Dog, Camp Canadensis is her favorite place to be!

Annie the Dog, on the lookout for some chipmunks…Annie the Dog, I hope you don’t find any mean skunks!