Mackenzie and Mother’s Day

As shown in the photo above, I got to hang out with one of our new Bunk 2 girls in NYC over the weekend.  Mackenzie is a current 2nd grader at the Ethical Culture School and she was at Canadensis last summer for the Tour and More Weekend.  She is a super silly girl, she showed me some of the funny faces she likes to make, and she loves to laugh.  This year she dressed up as SpongeBob for Halloween, and she also loves to watch iCarly.  She enjoys riding her bike, and she can’t wait for the activities at camp, including rock climbing, waterskiing and gaga.  She likes gaga “very much” and plans to join our Gaga League at camp this summer.

Mackenzie recently got her ears pierced, and she showed off her emerald studs, which are the color of her birthstone.  Her birthday is in May (just like mine) and she’ll be turning 8 soon!  She really likes going to the beach, making art projects and splaying sports like softball, soccer and tennis.  Mackenzie is an all-around camper, and we can’t wait to have her spend the summer with us at Canadensis!

I haven’t uploaded any of my crafts recently, but I have definitely been working on some projects.  One of the more recent examples are the coin purses shown above.  The actual coin purse is store bought, and it’s large enough to store plenty of treasured objects (I actually have one for myself that is the perfect size to hold my MahJongg card, coins and cell phone!).  I personalized each one above for some of the “Mothers” in my life.  It was a simple project using iron-on letters from a craft store, but once they were personalized I also stuffed them with some candy and chocolate covered pretzels.   Happy Mother’s Day to all the Canadensis Moms!