Back in Business


It is officially my favorite part of the off season! Staff from summer 2009 are starting to call the office and say “YES! I would love to come back for another great season!!!”. These calls make my day in a big way. Once we have an idea of who is coming back, we get to begin interviewing and hiring new counselors. I love getting to interview new staff. It’s so much fun to tell them about Canadensis, and get to hear about all of their hobbies, interests, and most importantly, why they want to work at camp! Eventually I will hit the road early next year for another hiring road trip, another highlight of my off-season.

Today has been eventful, everyone is all abuzz with talk of next summer. Eric Forti is especially excited that his favorite “popchips” arrived in the mail.  It’s also been a very campy week. Over the weekend I was with my mom and sister (counselor Dani Corradetti) getting some Ice Cream, and I saw the Rapoport family!

Dani and I also enjoyed our usual lunch date with Rebecca Waxman and Jess Cook. We enjoyed a delightful cheesecake factory lunch, and spent the rest of the day shopping for anything and everything we could imagine. After we were totally exhausted from the mall, we all returned to the Waxman-Cook house, got to see Rachael Hannah Cook, and meet their new PUPPIES! We had so much fun watching them play, and trample all over each other. One day they will be big enough for Rachael to put a saddle on them and go riding. After putting on a brief fashion show for Mommy Beth Cook, Dani and I hopped back in the car and headed home.

I also met the fabulous Captain Karen Sharir for a coffee date in Plymouth Meeting! I was going through some serious Karen withdraw, especially after living together so closely during precamp, and it was so good to laugh about the summer and make plans to get together during the year.

I’m sure most of you who know me know that the only other thing I love as much as camp is my sorority, so a special congratulations to all of our counselors who made it through recruitment and are new members of their organizations, especially Miss Danielle Cook, who called me every day to tell me about recruitment and let me live vicariously through her fun. She and I also spent some time shopping together, online of course, since she is in Rhode Island. We bought matching tote bags! We’re also planning to spend Thanksgiving break making sorority crafts, watching movies, and learning to make SUSHI! More on that in a later blog, for sure!

Anways, I have big plans this weekend to do some major fall cleaning. Twice a year my mom and sister and I go through our closets and put together a few donation bags. Out with the old, in with the new, and all for a good cause. So I’ll be up to my ears in clothing all weekend, but I love that feeling on Sunday afternoon when we all feel so accomplished and ready for winter’s arrival. I might even drive up to camp for a bit to make sure my cabin is ready for winter, and bring home anything I might have left behind. If I do, pictures will definitely follow!

As much as I love the summer, I am really looking forward to the arrival of the chilly weather. I have a serious love for winter boots, especially my cushy uggs… I’m really a Vermonter at heart!



PS: To all the Gossip Girl, Greek, and Glee lovers out there, this is sure to be an awesome week of television!