Back to the daily grind…

Hello Blogland! I’m BACKKKK, but not for long. I am back at my home in Philadelphia (or more aptly called my temporary dwelling!) this week and in the winter office today, Thursday, and Friday. Where will I be on Wednesday might you ask? CAMP! I will be heading up to camp tomorrow for the day to have a look around at some winter projects.

As I have been reporting the past few months, we are renovating the main office exterior as well as the grove and landscaping. From what I understand, it is coming along nicely. While up at camp, we are meeting with our paver to discuss which roads we will be paving throughout camp. As many of you noticed, last year we repaved the entrance road (the entire length) up to the parking lot area and then all of lower boys as well as near the health center. So we will be continuing this year with additional paving. I can’t quite tell you what else we will be doing this winter just yet, but between the 3 blogs, Canadensis Today shows, and the Canadensis Courier, we will let you in on the “secrets!”

Flashback to last week- Thanks to Jaycal for the wonderful virtual birthday cake. I appreciate the virtual one posted on my blog as it’s calorie free:) Down in Florida, I spent time with Robin (girls head counselor), Julie (office manager), Eric R. (pool director), and Harold (baker) and his lovely wife Phyllis. To be honest, I didn’t do all that much. I sat at the pool enjoying the sun, went to the gym (shocker), and just relaxed a bit. Oh, I can’t forget Chuck E Cheese. I took Shane (Robin’s friend’s son) there and it was awesome. I haven’t been to one in probably 20 years and it was so much fun to run around, play some video games, and watch him having a blast. Work wise I went to visit an alumnus who lives in FL and has 3 kids. They were a great family and will hopefully be sending the next generation to camp this coming summer! I also met with a referral service representative. Referral services are important to us as they send us prospective families to follow-up with. She repeated numerous times how much she loves Canadensis as she came to visit us in 2007. I told her she has to come back and see the new amphitheatre, canteen, The Summit, Canadensis Today, and much more! Hopefully, she will be coming back again this coming summer for a visit.

I hope you enjoyed all of the guest bloggers. Special thanks to all of them as they helped keep the blog going while I was away. If you missed out on the blog last week- shame on you (just kidding!). Please make sure you scroll back to the archives and see each of our guest blogger entries.

Speaking of going away, this is the month for camp directors to hibernate and catch up a little on some R&R, and I plan to take full advantage of that! After working 6 months, 7-days a week, I can use some breathing time. So, next week I will be heading to the Caribbean with Carnival Cruise Lines and relaxing for a full 7 days! Rough life, right?? The truth is while I am away I miss camp and on each of my cruises so far I have found a few kids out at the pool area who challenge me to go down the slide, etc. So, camp is close to me (especially with all of my camp t-shirts I wear every day!) and perhaps the Carnival Kids Camp Program will need some help planning activities!

Well I better get back to work. I am trying to catch up from being out a week, just in time to leave for another week of vacation! From what I understand, Jaycal has a whole line up of guest bloggers (hint: Tarnoff!) to continue with our guest blogging series next week. And remember, if you want to be a guest blogger we would love to hear from you. Please email and Jaycal will set you up!

Brunch with Harold, Phyllis, Julie, and Robin

Brunch with Harold, Phyllis, Julie, and Robin. Notice my Canadensis shirt (dork!)